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Goldenseal Root and Your Cold

Goldenseal is an herb highly regarded for its antimicrobial properties, earning the moniker “herbal antibiotic”. It is now a popular herbal remedy for the common cold largely owing to very encouraging anecdotal evidence. There is a growing body of literature devoted to its effects on human health, and initial reports point to its unique combination of phytochemicals believed to stimulate immune responses against cold infections.

Hydrastis canadensis is a plant species native to North America that belongs to the Buttercup family. Its names in the vernacular, goldenseal and orangeroot, is a reference to its yellow rhizomatous rootstock. The visible stem above the ground has a bluish hue and connects to an underground stem that is yellowish in color. The entire stem system is hairy as are its leaves, which are palmate with five lobes. It produces a very small flower with sepals that are entirely green in color and a fruit that resembles a large raspberry.

Goldenseal is among the earliest herb to gain prominence in North America. Its herbal uses were introduced by Native Americans to European settlers in the early 1700’s. The Iroquois, Cherokee, and Plains Indians were reported to utilize various parts of the plants in treatment of a diverse variety of illnesses and extensively use the rhizomatous roots to alleviate colds, flu, and digestive problems. Its early rise in popularity is attributed to the herbalist Samuel Thompson, who aggressively promoted the medicinal properties of the plant in the 1800’s.

GoldenSeal Root Benefits

Alleviates Cold Infections

Even in the old days the curative effects of goldenseal on the common cold were very well documented and people today who have tried preparations of this herb attest to its age-old claims. The first thing you would observe upon using this herbal remedy is that it creates a drying effect on the nostrils and noticeably relieves runny nose. Berberine, its natural antibiotic, directly invades potential threats while at the same time strengthening the immune responses implicated in getting rid of the viruses that cause colds.

Goldenseal Root And Inflammation

Inhibits Excessive Inflammation

Even if you take goldenseal at a later course of a cold infection, its interactions with microorganisms that would usually prolong infections are all the more visible. One reason why your body is not able to take a hold of your head cold is the fact that bacteria and irritants may have caused complications that prolong inflammation. The phytochemicals of goldenseal are also known to interfere with productions of unnecessary inflammatory mediators.

Stimulates Mucous Membranes

You can tell if a head cold is not getting better when it starts to cause congestion in the chest characteristic of upper respiratory tract infection. The scientific community supports the claim that goldenseal induces secretions of the mucous membranes. It contains organic compounds that promote the flow of mucous especially at times when bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens have caused enough irritation to block its production. By so doing, goldenseal significantly contributes to the releases of antibodies such as Immunoglobulin A and enhances our body’s natural defenses against colds.

<b>If you want to help limit the length of your Cold, give goldenseal root a try and experience the difference.</b>