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Many people consider this one to be the largest leaf among other plants growing in Britain. Butterbur earned its name when people started using it to wrap butter. It is a perennial shrub which grows across Europe and in some parts in Western Asia. It is also commonly called the Umbrella Plant because some animals use it to protect themselves from the sun and rain. The same goes with Greeks because they also refer to it as hat plant. Its pinkish-red blossoms give beauty to summer surroundings which makes the season beautiful to experience.

Aside from giving shade and protection to animals, this plant has some medical properties in it as well. It was reported that butterbur has the main benefit of an analgesic (pain killer). This plant is widely used to treat migraines as well as prevent it. Some studies also show that it can be a means of treating seasonal allergies but the findings are still inconsistent.

Just like any herbs, this plant can also have other health benefits for remedies of conditions such as:

– Insomnia
– Irritable Bladder
– Anxiety
– Colds
– Chronic Coughs
– Asthma
– Fever
– Stomach Pains
– Ulcers
– Plague

But then no further studies can still prove if it can really cure the above diseases.

How It Can Be Used

Butterbur leaves also have this strong sweet scent which bears a calming effect. It helps in driving away nightmares and can help people who are having troubles going back to sleep.

Dosage: A spoonful of powdered butterbur must be consumed on an empty stomach three times a day and once before sleeping at night.

The butterbur tea is a great remedy for fever, epilepsy and asthma. So it would be better to have a dose of butterbur to help you be relieved from these diseases.

Dosage: Dissolve a spoonful of grained butterbur in ¼ litres of water overnight. In the morning, heat it up and strain.

Butterbur is also great for combating stress and some states of nervousness. It helps in calming the body which will eventually make ourselves be more calm and relaxed.

Dosage: In boiling water, mix together half a spoon of butterbur, half a spoon of linden flowers, and a little basil. Use a strainer in separating the ingredients. If desired, put some honey in your tea.

Stomachaches are often treated by drinking tea. In this case, a cup of butterbur tea may do the trick in relieving yourself from stomachache.

Dosage: Boil half a spoon of butterbur in a cup of water for two minutes. Then add half a spoon of caraway and half of fennel. Brew the mixture for about 15-20 minutes.

This is also ideal for treating headaches especially when it goes on often for months. This condition can be a bit unusual and be very stressful when at work or at school.

Dosage: Mix 75mg of butterbur with your food and do this at least twice a day. Continue putting it in your food for a couple of months until the headache goes away.

Butterbur really has a lot of medical benefits which makes it an all-around medicine for different kinds of conditions. Even though your body shows signs of getting relieved from such conditions, you must still consult with your doctor.
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