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Blood is a very vital part of our bodily function. There is literally no replacement for blood in the body, without it, we will expire. More so to the point, oxygenated blood is something that keeps us going. It is important for our brain, for our muscle tissues

among just a few of the examples of the specific parts of our body that needs this kind of blood. Just to give you an idea, when someone is unconscious or lost circulation of blood in other words if a person is without a pulse in a life or death situation the main concern is how long will the brain be able to hold up without getting oxygenated blood because after a certain time usually a couple of minutes only, this type of deprivation will cause damage to the brain and might leave the patient severely impaired in terms of brain functions.

Oxygenated Blood

We use oxygen in many ways and it plays a very essential role in our bodily functions especially in our daily metabolic processes. There are different ways to oxygenate blood and the primary process is when the blood goes through the lungs because when we inhale oxygen, it goes to the lungs and as blood circulates it will also pass through the lungs and this is where blood and oxygen meet and the process of oxygenating the blood begins. However studies also have shown that the type of foods we take in can also help oxygenating blood further after it goes through the lungs. The importance of understanding this process is that the human being’s state of good health depends on our body’s efficiency in absorbing nutrients and carrying away toxins for release. This is better achieved with better oxygenation of the blood cells as this is one of its primary jobs because some toxins only can be burned up by the oxidative process that is being done by the blood cells carrying oxygen.

Chlorophyll for Blood Oxygenation

Chlorophyll in the simplest of ways to put it is the one that makes life possible on earth. So if that does not tell you how important it is to our life on earth I am not quite sure what will. This is the green that we see in plants and this is where we get our oxygen. So it stands to reason that green foods are rich in chlorophyll and that having a raw diet which would include fruits and green vegetables, some nuts and sprouted seeds are the way to go when it comes to blood oxygenation. These types of foods are mainly made of hydrogen and oxygen which is why it will be able to help heavily in maintaining good blood oxygenation. Furthermore, chlorophyll from these foods will also be able to initiate a cleansing process for the blood and at the same time also add important nutrients which will promote a regular inhibition of cellular damage which may be caused by a variety of things but mainly radiation.




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