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Health benefits of lecithin


Lecithin is an essential phospholipid that is produced in our bodies in the liver and is found in organs such as the liver,kidney and the heart.It was first extracted from the yolk of an egg in 1846 by Theodore Gobley who was a French pharmacist and chemist.Lecithin can be found in foods for example cabbage,organic meat and is a great diet additive which has several health benefits to those who take it frequently.

Cholesterol Health

Lecithin is used by every cell in the human body and generally assists in maintaining ones health.The most important health benefit of lecithin is its action on the heart.Cholesterol which collects in the walls of blood vessels narrows them and has dangerous health effects which include coronary heart disease,high blood pressure,heart arrhythmia and heart attack.Lecithin is able to break down and reduce low density lipoproteins(bad)cholesterol into smaller particles that our systems can absorb with ease.Since all of us desire to have hearts it is a good idea to increase our lecithin uptake.

Brain Function

Lecithin is also important since it helps in improving the efficacy of brain functions.It uses vitamins E,K,D and A to do this.Aging reduces formation of neurotransmitters and the result is slow thinking,loss of memory and even degeneration of the nerve tissue and brain.Lecithin provides the body with ingredients needed to produce acetylcholine.This neurotransmitter is responsible for efficacy of nerve signals in areas around the brain,memory retrieval and storage.Your brain has about 30 percent of lecithin.Scientific studies have shown that people taking lecithin have increased ability to learn and retain the information they have learnt.Also patients suffering from alzheimer’s disease have recorded improved memory when using lecithin.

Skin Care

Lecithin also moisturizes the skin and keeps the cell wall flexible and soft.This prevents oxidation and makes sure that the cell does its functions includingfood intake,excretion of waste and reproduction.Since lecithin is reqiured by all the cells in the body,deficiency or lack of lecithin in the cells may reduce the cell’s ability to produce new cells and this is also affected by aging.It also reduces cases of acne,pimples,blackheads and whiteheads.

Weight Loss

Lecithin is also important in assisting in weight loss since its main function is to emulsify and burn fats.Lecithin also reduces chances of contracting gallstones in the gall bladder.Scientific studies have shown that lecithin reduces the size of the stones if any is present.Lecithin cleanses the liver and kidney and is important to people who love to take spicy and salty foods and those with urinary tract infections.Lecithin protects our brain cells and spinal cord from damage.Lecithin is also important in increasing physical performance of the body.It is of much help to those taking part in sports and body building.It increases the energy levels of the body without fattening one.Lastly,lecithin helps arthritis patients.It contains important fatty acids that strengthen bones,joints and muscles.

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Health Benefits of Gamma Linolenic Acid(GLA)


What is Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)?

Gamma linolenic acid, also widely known as GLA, is a type of essential fatty acid found in a number of vegetable oils such as the evening primrose oil and the borange oil. GLA belongs to the omega-6 fatty acids, and this type of fatty acids is consumed by the average American 30 times as much as they take in omega-3. Gamma linolenic acid is known for its benefits on the reduction of any type of inflammation in one’s body and is a strongly recommended supplement in inflammation brought about by certain health conditions.

What are the benefits of Gamma Linolenic Acid?

Gamma linolenic acid has been found to alleviate symptoms and body pains in the following conditions:

1. Premenstrual Stress/Menstrual Cramps – Certain women who unfortunately suffer from menstrual cramps actually have low levels of gamma linolenic acid in the bloodstream prior to menstruation. As such, taking in gamma linolenic acid as a supplement relieves pain, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, irregularities in bowel movement, and mood swings brought about by the onset of menstruation.

2. Hot Flashes during Menopause – A number of women in their menopausal stages attest to the reduction of menopausal hot flashes once they started taking in gamma linolenic acid as a health supplement.

3. Dermatitis, Eczema, and Acne – These skin diseases all involve widespread inflammation on the skin, and are immediately relieved by the anti-inflammatory properties found in gamma linolenic acid. Upon taking in supplements of GLA, symptoms such as flaking of the skin, itching, and lesions are relieved and prevented.

4. Bad Cholesterol Level – Another powerful role of gamma linolenic acid in the body is its ability to prevent plaque build-up along the blood vessels which would otherwise lead to a stroke or heart attack if left untreated. This health benefit can be achieved after a prolonged intake of gamma linolenic acid as a supplement.

5. Cancer Prevention – This is probably the most celebrated and talked about benefit of gamma linolenic acid, as recent studies already suggest the big role of GLA in the prevention of certain forms of cancer.

6. Diabetic Neuropathy – Gamma linolenic acid has also been found to alleviate numbness, loss of sensation, and tingling amogn those who suffer from mild and moderate diabetic neuropathy, a form of nerve damage brought about by diabetes.

7. Arthritis, Osteorarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis – Scientific studies have shown that gamma linolenic acid is a potent agent in the reduction of swelling, pain, and inflammation among those who have arthritic joints.

Aside from the benefits listed above, gamma linolenic acid also has listed benefits amon those who suffer from alcohol withdrawal, female infertility, lupus, psoriasis, impotency, multiple sclerosis, asthma, fibrocystic breasts, and obesity. Because of its long list of positive effects on one’s health, gamma linoletic oil is now being used more and more all over the world. With its broad range benefits, scientists continue to study this fatty acid and how it could be further utilized in the advancement of medical science , especially in the treatment of more serious and life-threatening diseases.

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More on The important supplement Selenium

Selenium is a trace element for human beings and many other animals. It is absolutely necessary in minute quantities but toxic in high amounts. This dietary mineral is indispensable to human health as it is present in numerous chemical reactions. Endogenous compounds that contain this element are implicated in antioxidant defenses, immune responses, cardiovascular health, and muscle metabolism.

Improves Antioxidant Defense

Cellular respiration is the process responsible for energy production within cells throughout the body. Unfortunately, they produce harmful byproducts called free radicals. Selenium is arguably the oldest chemical element to show antioxidant function in animal tissue. In the human body, it raises the levels of endogenous antioxidants, including glutathione, and reuses dietary antioxidants, such as vitamin C.

Maintains Cardiovascular Health

Healthy levels of selenium in the blood contribute to cardiovascular health. Laboratory studies have shown that this mineral nourishes the cells that line the inner wall of blood vessels, and helps protect the cells present in the heart. Also, it has a protective effect on lipids and free fatty acids found in the systemic circulation. It prevents them from lipid peroxidation brought on by reactive nitrogen species.

Enhances Immune Responses

In the past few years, scientific research has uncovered so much about the nutritional significance of selenium. In addition to its known role in the prevention of oxidative stress and the reversal of radical damage, it is also incorporated into proteins that are involved in immune responses. In fact, it has been observed that high levels of selenium reduce morbidity in people suffering from AIDS or cancer.

Promotes Healthy Metabolism

There is consensus in the scientific community that selenium is utilized by the thyroid glands in the synthesis of thyroid hormones and their conversion into their active forms. Selenium takes part in regulating metabolic processes together with the dietary mineral iodine. Its presence in the systemic circulation provides a ready supply of endogenous compounds required for a healthy metabolism.

Modulates Sperm Production

Oxidative stress interferes with the production of healthy sperm. It has been reported that selenium plays a central role in countering reactive oxygen species that specifically cause radical damage to proteins necessary for sperm production and essentially reduce sperm count through oxidative stress. More importantly, selenium is incorporated into structural proteins that make up mature sperm cells.

Strengthens Physical Capacity

Selenium is certain to benefit people living an active lifestyle. It is one of the minerals that promote muscular strength and physical endurance, and as such it has often become a part of supplements for endurance athletes and body builders. Due to its antioxidant role, it promotes cellular longevity and increases energy levels. Dietary selenium nourishes muscle tissue as it is a constituent of proteins found in the muscle cells.

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