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Parsley And Your Health

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Body odor is caused by the action of bacteria on the secretions of your sweat glands. Were it not for these glands, your body would overheat because it is the evaporation of sweat that removes excessive heat from your body. Dogs pant, cats lose the heat from the pads of their feet, and elephants from their ears. Humans, like pigs, sweat, and do so from their skin.

The heat needed to evaporate the sweat from your skin cools you down. However it also releases fats and toxins, and while human sweat is initially very stimulating to the opposite sex due to the pheromones it contains, once bacteria get started it is a different story. What could excite a woman one minute due to her pheromone receptors can repulse her 20 minutes later due to bacterial degradation. The same is true for men.

Chlorophyll is known to absorb body odor, and in the old days women would rub a mixture of ground parsley leaves and vinegar over their bodies to remove the stale smell of sweat. Today, however, it is recognized that simply eating parsley will not only help to reduce body odor, but also help alleviate halitosis, or bad breath.

Taking a Parsley Supplement Sweetens Your Breath

There are many forms of body odor, some offensive to the nose. However, no matter how much the bacterial action on honest sweat can generate bad smells, many believe bad breath to be the worst of all body odors.  So bad in fact that it has been given its own name – halitosis. People take all sorts of remedies for it, from chewing gums to mouth washes, but the most natural remedy for bad breath is parsley.

The taste and odor of parsley can help to mask the odor of the sulfur compounds generated by mouth bacteria, but also the chlorophyll in the leaves is a natural deodorant.  The mechanics, or biochemistry, of exactly how the chlorophyll in parsley neutralizes or masks the odor of halitosis is not fully known, although it appears to be effective.  In fact, many toothpastes and mouth washes used to contain chlorophyll and some still do, although capsules containing it or parsley extract will do just as well.

Parsley capsules often come packaged with garlic, and while both offer significant health benefits of their own, the parsley is generally included to absorb or mask the smell of the garlic. Parsley supplements are certainly worth taking for their deodorizing properties, and also because that are packed full of Vitamin C and other healthy substances.

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