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Horse Chestnut HerbSolaray: Circulegs- horse chestnut special formula 120ct

Horse Chestnut is a well-known herbal aid which enhances the tone of veins and increases the blood flow offering a natural way to enrich vein health and blood circulation particularly to the legs. The following insight on link between Blood circulation-Veins- Horse chestnuts may help us to understand how horse chestnuts can help circulation and improve vein health.

Correlation between Blood circulation and Veins

Arteries supply oxygenated blood from the heart to the remaining portion of the body. A group of veins returns deoxygenated blood to the heart, which in turn sends to lungs to receive more oxygen. There are three kinds of veins (Superficial, Perforating and deep veins) in the legs work collectively to pump blood upwards against gravity to have it returning to the heart.

• Superficial veins lie close to the skin.
• Perforating veins connects the superficial veins and deep veins
• Deep veins present in groups of muscles which are main veins that pump the blood back up to the heart.

Vascular Problems

Varicose veins

The superficial veins become twisted and enlarged due to extra pressure that happens from standing longer time, obesity or issues with valves in the veins or perhaps in deeper veins.

Chronic Venous insufficiency

When there is a problem with structural integrity of veins and valves like veins become weaker, valves display wear and tear signs, and leg muscles lose its fitness , these results in chronic venous insufficiency.

Ways how Horse chestnuts can help circulation and improve vein health

Horse chestnut has a chemical saponin named aescin that has all the medicinal properties which

• Promotes improved blood circulation by increasing the tone in the vein walls thus enables unrestricted blood flow.
• Minimizes fluid retention by maximizing the permeability of capillaries and permitting the re-absorption of excessive fluid back to the circulatory system.
• Acts as a synergistic cardiovascular aid nutrient that boosts overall circulatory function.
• Improves health of blood vessels and thus helps transport of nutrients to veins.
• Seals leaking capillaries, inhibits the enzymes that induce holes in capillary walls and enhances the elasticity of the veins.
• Strengthens the vein walls, seems to patch-up minor leaks in blood vessels and capillaries, thus improves their health and minimizes leakage of fluid into surrounding tissues.

• Serves as a traditional remedy for leg-vein health and utilised greatly for vascular problems.
• Performs an overall vaso-protective function by preserving the two key proteins that forms the vein structure (Collagen and elastin) thus making veins and capillaries remain strong and maintain the structural integrity.

• Has a history of being a venous support helps maintaining healthy venous tone and enhance vascular integrity.
• Increases the pressure in veins thus they will pump blood more effectively against the gravity.

Stronger and healthy veins are essential for better blood circulation and cardiovascular health.The issue of circulation and vein health is extremely important. Even though conventional treatments are available to combat vascular problems, supplementing with Horse chestnut is a promising option and this constitutes a excellent natural tool to improve the circulation and vein health.