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Vitamin C, Buffered or Not?

Buffered vitamin C provides a form of ascorbic acid active inside the human body. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium are added to ascorbic acid formulated for sensitive stomach. It has been associated with higher absorption efficiency, especially when taken in large quantities, inasmuch as most buffered supplements are combined with organic compounds naturally occurring in plants called flavonoids.

Offsets Gastric Hyperacidity

Acid dyspepsia, or simply hyperacidity, is a condition in which the stomach produces and releases hydrochloric acid in amounts higher than normal, leading to a more acidic gastric environment. This is a problem to people suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or more commonly referred to as acid reflux, and is a known risk factor for other gastric illnesses, such as peptic ulcer and even stomach cancer. Individuals who have a sensitive stomach are essentially experiencing symptoms of acid dyspepsia, and buffered vitamin C is specialized for them. Some people need higher doses of ascorbate supplements, for example those diagnosed with a deficiency in vitamin C and the disease it causes called scurvy. Buffered vitamin C provides an excellent ascorbic acid supplement in that the flavonoids it contains significantly increases absorption.

Vitamin C – Boosts the Immune System

Vitamin C has always been tied to its immune-boosting effects, and research has continued to point to its mechanisms of action in the body. Metabolites of vitamin C affect the immune system in many ways. While some these chemical reactions are directly interrelated, vitamin C is present in different metabolic pathways, strengthening the immune responses of the body and at the same creating a homeostatic effects of endogenous compounds in the employ of the immune system. Some of the most pronounced benefits of vitamin C include faster healing of wounds and lower incidence of colds and flu. Be reminded that not all forms of ascorbic acid acts as vitamin C, and not all ascorbate supplements are formulated as vitamins. Buffered vitamin C is one ascorbate supplement that has been proven to get converted into active metabolites of vitamin C.

Neutralizes Free Radicals

The best known antioxidant is vitamin c, and its popularity as a vitamin may well be attributable to a surge of interest on radicals and peroxides at the turn of the 20th century. Reactive oxygen species have long been believed to be a contributing factor to many known diseases, but only recently has evidence started to support this belief. It is now common knowledge that free radicals participate in the process of aging. Vitamin C has always been observed to show potent antioxidant properties, and its use has benefited both healthy individuals and those afflicted with diseases.

Ascorbate supplements and other sources of vitamin C are excreted by the body on a regular basis. Buffered vitamin C ensures us that we get ascorbic acid in amounts adequate to exhibit vitamin activity inside our body every time we ingest it. In addition, there have been studies pointing to its properties that curb addiction to certain foods, which means it helps us lose weight.

Vitamin C is one vitamin everybody needs, Get your buffered C today!