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Curamin: The magic pain killer

What curamin can do

CuraminsourcePeople all around us love to lead a life which is pain free and comfortable. But sometimes, when we injure ourselves or due to some other reasons, we will experience pain and inflammation. Swelling, redness and heat will be also associated with these injuries, and these moments will drastically reduce the quality of our life to a great extend. In these times, we will look for an effective pain killer which will provide us a fresh air of relief. But most of the pain killers which are available in our nearby shops are associated with side effects, and they can’t be trusted for personal usage. If you are the one who is looking for a natural pain killer which is void of side effects, then Curamin will be the perfect choice for you.

Curamin ingredients

Curamin can be considered as the most effective pain killer of our times, and all the ingredients in this product are absolutely of natural origin. It contains natural herbs like turmeric, boswellia and amino acid DLPA. Turmeric contains curcumin, and this ingredient is known for its anti inflammatory properties. On the other hand, DLPA will maximize the effects of Endorphins which are natural pain killers present in our body. Curamin contains a curcumin called BCM-95, and this is more than 10 times stronger than plain ones. Nattokinase is also present in curcumin, and it helps to manage the fibrinogen level in your body. You can trust Curamin for all kinds of pains and inflammations, and the chances for disappointment will be nil.

Good benefits of Curamin

All the ingredients in Curamin is void from all kind of side effects, and it will not affect your liver, kidney or heart in any manner. You can use Curamin without any hesitation, and can lead a life which is pain free. ”Say Yes to Curamin, and Say No to pain” (continue reading…)

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End Your Dependence On Pain Killers By Using Curamin

curcumin from turmeric

One of the ingredients of Curamin is curcumin, which comes from the popular Indian spice called turmeric.

A natural anti-inflammatory herb that doubles as a pain reliever has caught the imagination of those wanting a more natural and herbal-based solution to chronic health pain. Those seeking a respite not only from pain, but also dependence on prescription drugs are slowly turning to curamin for the answer to long term relief and freedom from drug dependence. The problem with conventional prescription medicine is certain liver and kidney damage. As an alternative cure, curamin delivers more than a holistic treatment, which does not interfere with the body’s own pain management mechanism, thus making it the most suitable for long term treatment. Let’s take a closer look at curamin’s effects on pain and inflammation and judge its effectiveness fairly.

  • It requires low dosage, preferably not more than three times a day.
  • It blends into the body’s own ability to fight pain.
  • It’s a natural formula made up of curcumin, curcuminoids, Boswellia, Dl-Phenylalinine and nattokinase.
  • It reduces dependence on pain relievers that are known to induce not only coronary complications, but also increase chances of stroke. Long-term usage necessary in chronic cases have been linked to liver and kidney malfunction. (continue reading…)
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Curamin – Waging War Against Arthritic Pain

radiographic result of hand with RA

An X-ray of a hand affected by rheumatoid arthritis

The disease, arthritis, can present as joint inflammation. It can cause all types of complications including swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints. In some cases, arthritis indirectly affects other parts of the body. It may include ligaments, bones, tendons, muscles and other internal organs as well. Arthritic pain will start slowly in one joint and if it remains untreated, the pain will eventually spread into other parts of the body as well. Such a situation can lead to disability. Those who are affected will have to eventually undergo costly surgery. When arthritis affects multiple joints, it can cause all types of unwanted complications. It can trigger pain from head to toe and such a situation will have to be averted by undergoing proper treatment in the early stages.

What is the best solution to eliminate pain associated with arthritis?

It is always advisable to choose a top quality natural supplement to get rid of arthritic pain and that is where the importance of curamin comes in. Most pain control drugs will disturb the body’s normal inflammatory responses by making artificial intervention coupled with side effects. In order to understand the method of functioning of curamin, people should create a better understanding about the ingredients of this natural supplement. It contains propriety blend of curcumin, Boswellia, nattokinase and DLPA (dl-phenylalanine) and all these ingredients can be described as clinically proven, powerful and highly effective substances.

What makes curamin supplement unique? (continue reading…)

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Can Terry Naturally’s Curamin Help with Inflammation and Pain?

pain relievers

Various pain relievers

According to a survey conducted by a journal, pain is the primary factor for which people take the advice of health professionals. People take various kinds of medicines in order to curb that pain. The root cause of pain lies in the irritation of the nerve endings. Some of the most common factors which may irritate the nerve endings are improper sleep, hormonal factors and nutritional imbalances.

In simple terms, it can be said that pain is an indicator of some kind of malfunction and inflammation in the body. Whether a person suffers from acute or chronic pain, the first reaction is always to take a pain reliever.

However, most of the pain controlling drugs interfere with the body’s inflammation responses and/or have side effects. In order to get rid of such problems, (continue reading…)

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3 Things that Make Curamin an Excellent Natural Remedy for Inflammation

turmeric powder

Turmeric – one of the main ingredients of Curamin.

Usually hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, nutritional disproportion and stress are the main reasons of irritation and pain on the nerve endings, which can be symptomatic indication of some inflammation or dysfunction in your body. People usually search for some pain killer medication in such conditions and Curamin is considered to be most effective due to its natural and effective ingredients.

Ingredients of Curamin 

Several natural ingredients are used in Curamin to make it an effective pain remedy in comparison to the number of so many pain killers in the market. Turmeric, Curcumin, Boswellia and Nattokinase are considered to be its four main ingredients. A number of other contents provide antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer and anti-fungal properties to the product. They are also considered to contribute to the effectiveness of this anti-inflammation product.

A brief discussion about these ingredients will explain the effect of the product against inflammation and pain.

(continue reading…)

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Curamin by EuroPharma USA?

ep-10220Pain isn’t a disease; rather it can be categorized as a symptom according to medical science. If you are suffering from any sort of pain, then there must be something wrong with that certain part of your body. A pain reliever blocks the pain by temporarily deactivating the concerned nerve cells of the affected area, but it isn’t a solution to the source of the problem causing it. So a pain reliever must be fast, natural and safe to use.

Curamin from EuroPharma USA meets all these parameters and it really works. It’s the best remedy for an occasional pain.

Who can have the best of Curamin?

Anyone suffering from any sort of ache
Athletes and those suffering from strain in muscles (due to harder work out)
People suffering from swelling or inflammation.

How Curamin works?

EuroPharma is famous for its medical products with unique formulae. Curamin enhances your body’s defense mechanism against inflammation.
The composition has no known side effects yet.

The main constituent of Curamin, Curcumin boosts body’s anti-inflammatory components
Works as a modulator for the immune system. This means that once consumed, it has long term effects upon the body dealing with oxidative stress.
It has an enzyme, known as Nattokinase. This enzyme aids to the circulation system and hence nutrients reach to every corner of the body. In the same way, waste products also get removed from the body through excretory system more efficiently. Nattokinase is believed to balance the fibrinogen level, which means the muscles get repaired faster if they are harmed due to heavy muscular strain.

Ingredients of Curamin:

It has four different highly efficient pain relieving agents.

EuroPharma has figured out the perfect combination of the amounts of these four ingredients to bring out a synergistic blend that works best within the human body without hampering any other biological processes. This makes Curamin 20 times more efficient than the medicines having Curcumin (turmeric) alone.
It has an amino acid named as DLPA, which restricts enkephalins breakdown. Enkephalins are mostly associated with moods. So, you never get a irritating feeling while under pain and stress anymore. You may work or spend happy moments with family during the inflammation.


Most of the inflammations are caused due to uncontrolled activity of an inflammatory enzyme, 5-LOX. Curamin has a Boswellia serreta extract, an acid known as beta-boswellic acid, which inhibits this enzyme’s activity. EuroPharma has taken care to extract only the necessary compounds skipping undesirable ones.
Inflammation can be caused by many pathways. To deal with all these ways, Curcumin longa has been added to Curamin. It is extracted from turmeric and is a potential antioxidant.

It also has Nattokinase, as already mentioned earlier. It has great effects on cardio-vascular operations and hence, all the components of Curamin reach every corner of human body. So, whichever part of the entire body may be affected, can witness relieve within minutes of consumption.

Pain and inflammation are parts of life, but they need to be a usual part, drawing you back from your enthusiasm. Curamin is worth of a trial to eliminate pain from the equation of life.

Curamin 120 Size With $5.00 coupon and Free Shipping

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Can Turmeric Help Prevent Joint Pain and Inflammation?

Turmeric root.

Turmeric root. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turmeric (Curcumin)

Turmeric has been found to be useful in the treatment of joint pain and inflammation. This is an Indian plant which is used to add flavor to traditional Asian and Indian dishes. Its health benefits are attributed to the presence of a substance known as curcumin which has medicinal properties. So, can Turmeric help prevent joint pain and inflammation?

Before we look at the health benefits of Turmeric it is important to understand its history. The Indians has used this plant for decades to treat a number of diseases including inflammation caused by arthritis. They usually use the root or the stem for medicinal purposes.

The answer to can turmeric help prevent joint pain and inflammation is yes. Joint pain and inflammation are caused by high levels of histamine as well as underproduction of cortisone in the body. Research has shown that by taking turmeric it can reduce the levels of histamine and thus get rid of joint pain. Apart from that, turmeric contains
anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce joint inflammation.

The herb is available in powder as well as capsules form in your local drug and grocery store. It should be added to food in moderate amounts to avoid over dose. Turmeric will absorb easily into the body especially once it is mixed with oil, ginger, black pepper or pineapple. Take one or two spoons per day for effective results. Popular turmeric diets include scrambled eggs, pasta, soup or adding it to salad. It is usually advisable to start with one spoon and then increase the dosage to two spoons to give the body time to get used. The pain and the inflammation should go away after a month or two.

Apart from taking turmeric with food you can apply it on the area affected also. Make a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric powder and add apply it on the area affected every time you feel pain or before going to bed. Do not add water because curcumin does not dissolve in water.

Other health benefits of turmericIts diuretic properties help to get rid of wastes and body toxinsIts anti-aging properties keep your skin smooth and suppleIt’s an antioxidant and thus can prevent cancerIt contains anti-diabetic properties which make it effective in preventing diabetesIs facilitates weight lossIt is good for prevention of sore throat because of its antiviral properties

What are the side effects of turmeric?

Being a natural ingredient, turmeric does not have side effects. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor so he can advice you if it good to consume it. This is because the herb has been shown to cause severe implication if taken when one is pregnant or with gall stones. Another thing worth noting is that medications such as stomach acid and blood thinning medications can reduce the effectiveness of turmeric for arthritis.

Turmeric has been shown to provide relief to people with chronic joint pan. The herbal medicine contains anti-inflammatory properties which make it an effective joint pain treatment.

Curamin – Turmeric Formula


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