basilWhat is cortisol

It is true that Basil herbal plant can reduce the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in the body by the adrenal glands. Its production is purely stimulated by the low energy levels in the body. The main role of this hormone is to mobilize the stored body sugar during the stress times for conversion to energy. This energy is very important to the muscles for proper body functioning. The hormone is also known to provide temporary immunity, memory boost and also help in controlling blood pressure.

Side effect of cortisol

Although this hormone is very beneficial to the body, it can also be very destructive if it is produced in excess quantities. This can be witnessed when one is in a prolonged stress period and fails to find its cure in early stages. This will stimulate the adrenal glands to produce this hormone in very high levels that can put the patient’s health in danger. These may include; decrease in immunity, weight gain in the abdomen, poor memory, depression, elevated cholesterol and many other complication. This is where the use of basil herbal medicine comes to rescue the situation.

What is a basil

Holy basil is a plant that originated from Southern Asia. It is classified as an adaptogenic herb since it helps the body to adapt to stress very well. It contains two very important compounds, eugenol and caryophyllene. These two elements are the one that are used to lower the level of cortisol and also regulate the way the body will react and respond to increase of stress. This is done when the cortisol level is already high at damaging level. The herbal medicine can also be consumed as a preventive measure. By taking it even when you are not stressed, you can actually reduce the amount of stress hormones that your body produces. It can also help to improve mood and mental clarity. This herbal medicine has no adverse side effects and thus it will not harm you in any way.








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CoQ10 is a highly rated health supplement that is sold commercially in the international markets. However, the human body in the form of an anti-oxidant, the rate, naturally synthesizes CoQ10 and quantity at which it is produce tends to diminish, as you get older. Hence, your body fails to take advantage of the benefits offered by CoQ10 as you age and this calls for an alternative to get the substance into your system. The main role of this substance is to promote heart health, increase the amount of energy produced by your body and slow down the aging process.

How CoQ10 works in the body

Being lipid-soluble, CoQ10 does not have the tendency to dissolve in aqueous environments in a quick manner. Hence, it is difficult for the human body to absorb it if you consume it in its powered crystalline form. This is the main reason why it is consumed along with oil so that its absorption rate can be increased significantly. However, breakthroughs achieved in the commercial production of CoQ10 have helped in the creation of Ubiquinol, which is termed to be the most biologically active form of the substance. Once Ubiquinol gets inside the human body, it is readily absorbed by up to 60% faster than its non-biologically active counterpart is.

Of late, commercial variants of CoQ10 have Bioperine included in them so that the human body at a rate absorbs it, which is equal to that of Ubiquinol. Bioperine is an extract of the black pepper fruit and is completely safe. Some of the top brands that sell this supplement include the likes of Doctor’s Best and Source Naturals. If you are interested in taking this supplement but have a history of drug allergy or are
currently under medication, it would be better to seek a detailed consultation with your doctor and get his or her approval to avoid any unwanted and risky side effects.



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MarjoramWhere does Marjoram Essential Oil Originate From?

Marjoram oil comes from the Marjoram Shrub and is an Herb. They are a perennial herb that originated in the middle eastern countries and are grown all over the world today. There are three forms of the Marjoram Shrub, The Sweet Marjoram, the Origanum Majorana, and Knotted Marjoram. It is very closely related to the Oregano Species. This oil is versatile and has many uses today as well in ancient days when used by the Greeks and Romans and was considered a symbol of joy. Many who use Marjoram today also consider it a joy to use as it is beneficial in many things.

Benefits of Marjoram Oil:

1. Promotes better digestive function and optimal bowel function as well as help clear the intestines of old debris.

2. Coughing from colds and flus, cold symptoms and reduces pain associated with flu/colds and bodily aches.

3. Helps in healing bronchitis, aches in joints, sinusitis, nasal problems and acts as an expectorant in the chest.

4. Is antibacterial, antispasmodic, fungicidal and it also cures viral infections.

5. Is strengthening of the immune system, helps the brain stay healthy and functioning optimally, reduces blood pressure and helps keep the heart from malfunctioning. Also improves circulation in the whole body.

6. Encourages fast healing of wounds and keeps them from becoming a more serious infection like Staph or MRCA.

7. Emotionally helps anger, sadness, and anxiety and stress and promotes and overall sense of well being in one’s mind.

8. Acts as a sedative and creates passive feelings, eases trauma in one who has experienced severely negative situations in life.

9. Is a diuretic and helps clear the kidneys. Provides woman a comfort during their cycles by promoting regularity and eases symptoms associated with the cycle, such as cramps, pains and headaches. Will delay the start of early menopause.

10. This wonderful herb can be used as a cooking herb as well. Enjoy it in sauces, soups, or on anything that you would like to try it on for taste.



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PycnogenolWhat is a pycnogenol

Pycnogenol, an extract of a certain type of pine bark, it is acclaimed by many nutritionists and doctors as a prime antioxidant with many health benefits.

Benefits of pycnogenol

Like other antioxidants, pycnogenol helps fight free radicals in the body, thus ensuring cells are healthy and can function properly. In doing this, it also helps slow down premature aging and any potential skin damage from ultraviolet light. In fact, studies have shown that pycnogenol can even help reduce the density of undesirable pigmentation in certain areas of the skin.

Another health benefit from pycnogenol is that it can help lessen the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease by maintaining healthy cells in the body. In the case of reducing heart disease risk, the supplement works by improving blood circulation so that blood cells do not build up in large pools in the body.

Moreover, pycnogenol can help the body control the amount of inflammation in joints and muscles, helping reduce the risk of arthritis later in life. As people age, their joints can become swollen, leading to severe pains. However, the antioxidant helps stop the generation of chemicals that inflame these areas of the body. In addition, supplementing a healthy diet with pycnogenol has been shown to improve brain function, helping to keep minds sharp even as they age.

In conclusion

Clearly, pycnogenol is an incredibly beneficial antioxidant and its properties reach far beyond fighting off free radicals. In part due to its maintenance of healthy cells, entire organs and other parts of the body have less problems with damage, which contributes to a better body overall. While one must take eat a host of fruits and vegetables to get the same health benefit as pycnogenol, simply a small supplement of this antioxidant can help you stay healthy when combined with a balanced diet.


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We all know that a healthy diet is the secret for a good health. However, do you know the right path to better nutrition and health? Other than keep or lose weight, a good diet will help you prevent diseases and possibly extend your life.

Each nutrient, vitamins and minerals have different properties and will act differently in your body, and some of them will help you take control over your heart health.

Benefits of fish oil

That is the case for Omega-3. For a reason that still is not known, fish oil, which is rich in omega-3, is very  good for the heart. The main benefits of the Omega-3 for the heart include the increase of HDL cholesterol (which is the good cholesterol), lower triglycerides while helping to reduce inflammation and high blood pressure. It also makes the blood thinner and less sticky, therefore, unlikely to clot. Hundreds of studies also suggest that Omega-3 provides benefits against a greater range of common diseases such as cancer, asthma and depression. Even though Omega-3 seems to be essential to our body, we are not capable of producing it ourselves.

Where do all these benefits come from?

The main benefits found on oily fish are the benefits related to Omega-3, which is abundant in fish oil. In general Omega-3 acts in your body, reducing overall inflammation and this is the key to many other benefits for your health. It has not been yet identified how the Omega-3 acts in our body and all its benefits.

Fish oil’s can be obtained by taking supplements or from eating fish. Some fish are richer in Omega-3 fatty acids such as sardines, tuna, trout, salmon and mackerel. When obtained by taking supplements it is likely to be combined with vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B3, calcium or Iron.

Fish oil effectiveness as anti-inflammatory supplement

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates the effectiveness on the following scale: effective, likely effective, possibly effective, possibly ineffective, ineffective and insufficient evidence to rate, and is based on the scientific evidences. In this scale the fish oil has been proven as effective for triglycerides reduction and likely effective for heart diseases.

On the range of possible effective, there are several diseases where the consumption of fish oil or Omega-3 can help reduce the use of pain medications such as no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. One of the diseases where the patient can benefit from the consumption of Omega-3 is rheumatoid arthritis. Other conditions, such as menstrual pain, or dysmenorrheal can also be improved by the consumption of fish oil, especially when combined with vitamin B12.

Safety concerns about fish oil

The main concerns about fish oil are related to the amount of consumption, which should not exceed 3 grams per day. This concern is related to the attribute of making the blood thinner. Especially when taken during pregnancy period. Another red flag about fish oil is related to its source. When obtained directly from fish it can be contaminated with mercury or other chemicals. When obtained by supplements contamination is not a concern.



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What is a calcarea fluorica

Calcarea fluorica, popularly known as fluorspar is a mineral that occurs naturally. It is also found in several tissues in the body e.g. bones and the enamel of the tooth. Tissue fibers that make up parts of the body, such as the skin, blood vessels and connective tissues also contain  calcarea fluorica.

Fluorite is the name that is use to identify this product when it is found in mineral form outside the body. Calcarea fluorica is prepared from selected pieces of fluorspar (crystal fluorspar) by trituration process and in accordance to the methods prescribed by the homeopathic pharmacy.

Health benefits of calcarea fluorica

Calcarea fluorica have immense benefits in the body. Traditionally, its presence in the bones, teeth and tissues is known to be beneficial in enhancing the functioning of the body. It was not until the revelation of Dr. Wilhelm Schussler when this component was used as a homeopathic remedy. The researcher, Dr. Wilhelm, used calcarea fluorica to develop twelve tissue salts, which are said to equate to the 12 mineral salts in the body. The salts are said to heal different types of health complications. Calcarea fluorica is recommended for those who suffer from health concerns that results from lack of calcium fluoride in the body. In that case, the product is use to prevent development of bone deformities, weak tissues and brittle teeth. Calcarea fluorica is also vital in the control of serious complications such as varicose veins, weak stomach walls and hemorrhoids. All these conditions results from relaxed tissue fibers, which can be controlled with fluorspar.

Generally, fluorspar has several medicinal values. It facilitates the achievement of flexible tissues in the body.


This product is very effective if used as recommended. It is therefore advisable to see a qualified physician before using it. If doctors’ guidelines are adhered to, this health remedy will do wonders.


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belladonnaWhat is a belladonna?

Belladonna also referred to as the deadly nightshade is a very poisonous plant species distributed throughout West Asia, Europe and the North America. It is a perennial plant with a stem growing to an approximate height of 2 meters. It is on the top of a branch with the rootstock containing several juicy roots. It also has a purple or brownish violet corolla shaped like a bell. The belladonna plant majorly blooms beginning of the month of June to September. It produces violet, black fruits that are juicy and shiny with a host of seeds. The berries of this plant are the ones, which are considered most poisonous.

Bad effects of belladonna

The berries are attractive and are a threat to children who may try to feed on them. It is a fact that a child might die if he or she consumes 5 Belladonna berries, while an adult might die if he or she takes about 10 to 20 berries. The belladonna is considered a weed species and can grow in any wooden area without any difficulty. This plant species is also toxic to give domestic animals like goats, while some like rabbits and cattle feed on it without any issue.

Allopathic uses of the belladonna plant

It is administered over the counter in small quantities to treat flu and cough. Eye experts also use this Belladonna drug in minimal amounts to dilate pupils.

Belladonna is usually mixed with other drugs to cure patients. For instance, it is often mixed with Donnatal, which is a prescription drug that gives peripheral anticholinergic action and a mild sedation. It has natural belladonna alkaloids mixed with phenobarbital.

The belladonna drug is also considered effective in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and the acute enterocolitis, and as an adjunctive therapy in the cure of duodenal ulcers. Nevertheless, no final trials have been done to prove it works for the treatment of irritable bowels.


Homeopathic applications of the Belladonna drug

Belladonna drug can be used to treat scarlet fever. It also cures a condition with an immediate onset. The kind of conditions treated by belladonna is same to those caused by the belladonna poison. For instance the poison results in fever, nausea, flushed skin, dilated pupils, delirium, muscle spasms and even sore throat. Hence, belladonna is used to treat such conditions.

Homeopathic belladonna also treats infections with inflammation, cold and flu signs, boils, earaches, labor pain, nosebleeds, restless sleep, tonsillitis, sunburn, acne, nephritis, pink eye and seizures.



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What is a bryonia alba?

bryonia albaBryonia Alba is also called white bryony. It is native to Northern Iran and some parts of Europe. Bryonia Alba is one of the medicinal products that existed a long time ago. Its use as medicinal product can be traced to the 14the century, when it was used as a remedy of the then deadly disease – leprosy. Nowadays, it is used as a homeopathic remedy.

Health benefits of bryonia alba

Researchers have spent sleepless nights trying to come up with ways in which bryonia alba can be used for the benefit of human health. Their struggle has been successful, as they have identified different health complications that can be healed using Bryonia Alba. Bryonia Alba can be used to treat the following conditions

Bronia Alba is an effective pain reliever. Thus, it is used to alleviate pain in individuals suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, bone aches and muscle joints.

 It can be used to relieve dryness of the stomach and bowels, especially in individuals who complain of discomfort while relieving themselves.

It is also an effective remedy for flu and colds. Individuals with fever, dry throat and great thirst may are also advised to use the product.

It is used to relieve sore throat and dry coughs.

It is also essential in managing emotions, especially in individuals who are quitting than normal. These include individuals who feel they should be left alone.

Caution in using bryonia alba

Generally, the product is used as a remedy to several health complications. Caution should however be taken. It is recommended to avoid using the product before seeing a qualified medical practitioner. Misusing Bryonia Alba extracts are known to cause serious side effects and in some cases death. However, if used in the recommended way, a person will be sure to obtain assistance



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Our digestive system

probioticWe all know that keeping a healthy intestinal tract plays an important role in detoxification of the body at the same time enhancing the health. A number of organic foods that have special properties can stimulate digestive enzymes and help with proper functioning of the  entire digestive tract. Exercising can also help stimulate the abdominal area at the same time helping colon. Having a healthy colon can also help you avoid irritable bowel syndrome that many people often suffer from.

Use of probiotics?

The use probiotics can specifically benefit digestive processes by keeping the colon cleanser as well as the entire system of the body to function normally. This has been the main reason why people have been using the probiotics when cleaning their colon. Finally, keeping your
intestinal tract healthy will help you avoid most of the digestive problems that come from the inability to have a normal digestive system.

Can probiotics improve colon health?

The following are the benefits of using the probiotics;

First, it acts as an enzyme stimulant. This will help your intestines to secrete juices and digestive acids. It will also improve your digestive functioning ability thus enabling to have a healthy digestive system. It also adds fiber to the digestive process. Fiber is a very important ingredient that will always enhance your digestive system, thus enabling to have solid wastes. It also helps in relieving flatulence and stomach gas that many people often suffer from after overeating.

Probiotics also help in detoxification of the digestive system at the same time stimulating colon when becomes sluggish. For the people who would like to improve optimal digestive function, then this product offers the best solution. In conclusion, the above information should help for those people who would like to keep a healthy intestinal tract and how they can use probiotics to improve the health of their colon.





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What is a comfrey

comfree plantComfrey is a rapidly propagating plant with large leaves that mostly blossom in old pasturelands and waste disposal areas. Its roots penetrate deep into the soil and have dark brown skin that is white when peeled. The plant’s leaves and stem are enveloped with rough, spiny hairs. The plant is a darling of people who practice organic gardening because of its soil developing abilities. It is highly endowed with proteins and herbalists mostly use it to treat skin related ailments.

Benefits of comfrey

Studies have shown that comfrey boosts the rate of cell division, causing quick healing of wounds and human bones. Medicinal value of the plant can be derived from its roots and leaves, which can be used to prepare topical tea, salves, skin balms and ointments. Comfrey plant extract contains allantoin, which is always an active component of most beauty and cosmetic products. These organic chemicals quicken healing of wounds and inhibit swelling of the skin.

Comfrey containing ointments and creams has had always hard positive results on patients having serious sprains. Studies have confirmed that it is effective in reducing inflammation and pain as well as promoting faster healing of abrasions.

Comfrey is meant for external use only and it can be prepared by finely grinding the roots or leaves, then mixing with an inactive petroleum jelly or cream. You can also boil water-containing comfrey and then soak yourself in it. This will boost your skin aura leaving you with a glistening skin.

Side effects of comfrey

However, this plant should never be consumed since it has adverse effects on the liver. The plant can seriously damage your liver, leading to serious health complications. Though no research has been done on human, studies conducted on rodents have exhibited development of tumors in the rodent’s liver. Nevertheless, comfrey is still an effective floral supplement that you must always have at your disposal.

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