Hypertension, Stroke, What can you do to prevent it?

Posted by on 26th May 2015
Health [rate]

Hypertension is a known factor in stroke but you can offset this with a simple vitamin supplement. Beijing’s Peking University First Hospital followed more than 20,000 adults who had high blood pressure but had not had a stroke or heart attack over a 4.5 year period.  Half received standard medication for hypertension, and the other […]

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Can The Membrane from Eggs Help Improve Joint Mobility?

Posted by on 01st May 2015
Joint Health [rate]

Every time you crack an egg to cook some eggs, the membrane that is attached to shell which you toss out could be the key to better joint health.  Recently, scientists have discovered the membrane of eggs are composed of major joint components, including chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, collagen and other proteins needed for healthy […]

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How Does Your Vitamin-C Stack Up?

Posted by on 28th April 2015
Antioxidants Vitamins [rate]

Did you know that Vitamin C is water soluble? You are probably asking your self what does that mean?  Water soluble means the substance in this case vitamin C can dissolve completely in water.  This also means it can easily be eliminated from the body.  To truely gain benefit from vitamin C we need to […]

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Product Testing In Question?

Posted by on 24th April 2015
Herbs Vitamins [rate]

With all the buzz about  Supplement Fraud, how do you know your brand is providing legitimate vitamins and herbs?  You have every right to question the supplements you take.  Why spend money on vitamins and herbs to find out you are getting nothing but filler. I recommend sticking to brands that you know test each […]

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Saffron Tea still in stock!

Posted by on 09th April 2015
Herbs [rate]

Hey everybody, we still Saffron tea by Heritage Store available and ready to ship. When everybody else is out of stock we have about 48 left.  First come first serve. Get saffron tea here! while supplies last.  

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What Is The Herb Lobelia Good For?

Posted by on 12th February 2015
Inflammation [rate]

 What is a lobelia? The Herb Lobelia also known as asthma weed or Indian tobacco has various uses for the body. Health benefits of lobelia or asthma weed It is known for being effective when it comes to reducing breathing problems during asthma attacks, it is also known for being effective in reducing the symptoms […]

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How Goldenseal Root Helps Fight Colds

Posted by on 10th February 2015
Immune System [rate]

What is a goldenseal? Goldenseal is a root known for its professed medicinal properties, and is among the top selling herbal properties in the United States. It can be found in eardrops, dietary supplements, allergy remedies, cold/flu remedies, digestive aids and laxatives. Often, Goldenseal is found in combination with Echinacea when it comes to treating […]

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Maca: The Peruvian Super Plant

Posted by on 21st January 2015
Energy [rate]

What is a maca Maca is a native herbaceous plant of Peru, an ancient plant species that traces its origin of cultivation way back 2,000 years ago in Central Peru, in the area of San Blas. Believed to be one of the top super foods, maca is known for its energy boosting effect for men […]

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Benefits Of A Fiber Rich Diet To Your Intestinal Health

Posted by on 22nd December 2014
Digestion [rate]

What are the health benefits of fiber? Fiber is a part of a healthy diet and a diet with enough fiber has many health benefits. Enough consumption of fiber is essential in preventing diabetes, heart diseases, some cancers; weight gain as well is improving digestive health. Unfortunately, many people do not take enough fiber. On […]

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Can Maca Root Help My Hormone Levels?

Posted by on 10th December 2014
Hormones [rate]

Balancing hormones Are you suffering from hormonal imbalance? Well, you can try many treatments to regulate the hormone growth in your body. For example, leading a healthier lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise is vital for managing this disproportion. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution that does not include […]

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