Can Green Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

Posted by on 14th October 2013
Weight Loss [rate]

There are numerous diet fads that claim to get rid of extra kilos and shed the fat. Also, there are certain foods and drinks that are either implicated in weight gain or in weight loss. However there is no way you can ascertain such claims unless you try them yourself. Green tea is one product […]

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Can Green Tea Give Your A Brain Boost?

Posted by on 03rd August 2013
Brain [rate]

You can increase your brain power and concentration by taking green tea. Several scientific studies have discovered that it contains three major active ingredients that have a dramatic effect on boosting the brain. These active ingredients include; caffeine  Catechin Epigallocachin Gallate (EGCG) L-Theanine. Caffeine Green tea contains some amount of caffeine just like any other […]

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Lose Weight Faster Through These 5 Natural Diet Supplements

Posted by on 13th July 2013
Health [rate]

Sometimes, diet and exercise are not enough to help you lose weight, especially for people who are extremely overweight and are suffering from a slow metabolism. You need the help of supplements in conjunction with your diet and exercise to experience better weight loss results. Most people, unfortunately, doubt the effectiveness and safety of supplements. […]

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Can L-Theanine From Green Tea Help Ease Stress?

Posted by on 21st May 2013
Stress [rate]

L-Theanine The Stress Amino Acid: Stress is one of the most common problems found among an increasing number of individual in today’s world. Anxiety, lack of sleep, digestive problems and heart diseases are some of the major outcome of stress. Various researches have been conducted to find out a solution for stress relief during the […]

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Essentials Of Theanine-How It Promotes A Sound Mind

Posted by on 12th November 2012
Amino Acids [rate]

Tired of dealing with stressful work tasks everyday? Well, giving up isn’t an option. You just need something to ease your mind no matter what pressured situation you find yourself into. Perhaps a dose of theanine loaded green tea is all you need. What is Theanine? Theanine is amongst the most popular amino acids due […]

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How Does L-Theanine Help Relax The Brain?

Posted by on 12th September 2012
Brain [rate]

Theanine In some cases, the stress and anxiety levels for many people reach rampant propositions. With heavy work load day and night, sleep is a rare indulgence for many. Actually too much stress and anxiety can damage your health. Many studies in Japan and the United States in the past few years have proved that […]

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Why is Green Tea So Good for Me?

Posted by on 15th April 2011
Antioxidants Cardiovascular Health Herbs Oxidative Stress [rate]

Green Tea And Your Health Green tea is the ultimate health tonic. Its health benefits have been documented for over 4000 years, making it the most extensively studied among all beverages. Modern research points to organic compounds naturally occurring in the leaves of Camellia sinensis and their infusions. Of course, these studies draw on centuries-old […]

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