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Do Deodorant Stones Work?

deo stoneWhat is Deodorant stone?

Have you ever offered thought to strong mineral and deodorant stone? Maybe you’ve never become aware of these previously. Be that as it may they do exist and they’re thought to be truly viable, in spite of the fact that not as promptly accessible as solids and gels. They keep going quite a while, consistently and additionally all around the life of the genuine item itself. You won’t have to displace this as regularly as you might a robust, gel or spread.

Structures of deodorant stone

This sort of deodorant is found in two structures: stone or splash. Deodorants stone do in reality hold a type of aluminum as a commonly happening mineral salt, with aluminum being examined as having a potential connection with sensory system issue. Numerous precious stone deodorants have an uneven, spasmodic look to them, on account of the potassium alum in them which is mined from stores in the earth close to the South American Andes and Mediterranean Sea. The common mineral salts are intended to ingest dampness, however won’t hinder the sweat organs from processing this discriminating emission, which is the thing that antiperspirants do. Gem deodorant is best connected directly after a shower while still sodden, as this wetness permits the precious stone to float on easily. Assuming that you are dry when applying, you’ll need to saturate the stick or shake before applying on your clean skin. The point when recognizing the best deodorant for men, contemplate what you need out of a precious stone sort deodorant. They’re protected to utilize anyplace on the physique and they’re cost effective in light of the fact that they keep going quite a while. Then again, these deodorants are undetectable and unscented, attempting to kill the microorganisms that gives off smell, so in the event that you’re utilized to the strong aroma of gels and solids, you may not prefer the all-common feeling that gems bear. Now and again you don’t even know its there.

Where to Buy Solid Mineral Deodorant?

You can purchase a precious stone or robust mineral deodorant at the store or on the web. Some come in stick structure and look like consistent deodorant, while others come in real precious stone structure and might be rubbed on the armpits, enduring a quite long time contrasted with different structures. A robust mineral deodorant is a regular one, and may take some getting used to assuming that you like the thick confirmation of gel, strong, cream or shower.

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Can Dandelion reduce water retention?

Water retention is known as Edema, an abnormal increase of water/fluid in the body. This problem commonly occurs in the ankles and feet, where swelling is caused the force of gravity.

There are several possible causes of water retention.

They include certain medications, such as steroids, antidepressants, hormones like testosterone and estrogen, and blood pressure-reducing drugs.

Other causes include severe chronic lung conditions, such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema, venomous insufficiency (a condition caused by weak valves of the legs’ veins), congestive heart failure, low levels of protein in the blood due to liver and kidney disease, as well as malnutrition, adrenal malfunction, kidney malfunction, diuretic drugs, loss of potassium, and excess water (with insufficient minerals). In most cases, water retention doesn’t cause serious problems. However, it can sometimes cause serious conditions on the body. You should discuss this problem with your doctor if you have concerns about the risks of Edema. 

Water Retention symptoms:

Some of the risks posed by fluid retention include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or dyspnea, skin wounds due to friction from footwear, chest pain and low sodium levels.

How natural dandelion root reduces water retention

The dandelion plant has been used for ages as an herbal cure. All its parts provide medicinal value and most practitioners recommend it for a number of disorders, such as liver diseases, kidney disease, heartburn as well as other digestive problems.

In particular, dandelion leaves are beneficial for the kidneys and can help to reduce water retention as well as blood pressure.

Natural dandelion root is high in potassium, which promotes the formation of urine. Its leaves also act like a natural diuretic, which causes the kidneys to boost urine production and excrete extra salt.

When urine production is increased, dandelion affects water balance and blood volume in the body, making fluid to get out of the tissues and water to move out of the blood and decrease the total blood volume. These changes can lead to a reduction in water retention and lowering of blood pressure.


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Health Benefits Of The Dandelion Root

Dandelion rootSolaray: Dandelion root 100ct 520mg

To many gardeners, the dandelion plant is a cursed wild weed but to nutritionists it is a blessing and an answer to most of their health problems. Dandelion root is a vitamin packed root providing the user with vitamin A, C, D and B complex. All these vitamins are proven antioxidants and it should not come as a surprise when you hear that this wonderful root is aiding in the treatment of  several cancers and tumors in the near future.


As if this is not good enough, dandelion root contains essential minerals such iron, potassium and zinc. It is due to the high iron content that it is used to treat liver related ailments and detox this delicate body organ. Dandelion root also enhances proper function of the kidney owing to the rich potassium content. It therefore works as a mild diuretic and aids in lowering the blood pressure.

This wonder root has no side effects although a few users have reported allergic reactions.

Health Benefits of The Mineral Potassium

Potassium its many benefitsBioCitrate Potassium

Potassium, the most essential health nutrient in human body titled as health Insurer. It has the benefits for maintaining a high level of well-being including a pleasant lifestyle. Besides serving as an electrolyte, it also facilitates proper functioning of some important organs and helps maintaining them in good condition. Potassium plays a critical role in our body which includes the following

Brain Functioning

Potassium has a huge role in the brain functioning in normal condition and thereby avoids the occurrence of stroke. Low potassium consumption may bring about a rise in strokes. Potassium channels maintain our brain’s electrical conductivity and involved in greater brain functions like learning, memory. It assists to carry oxygen to brain and encourages delivering the neurotransmitters to send signals to the nerves.

Blood sugar levels

Decrease in potassium levels results in a fall in blood sugar thus contributes to various consequences. Intake of potassium offers instant relief from this problem.

Muscle Strengthening

Proper concentration of potassium allows for regular muscle contraction and relaxation. Probably the most remarkable benefits of potassium is it guarantees proper development of muscle tissues and appropriate energy utilization released during metabolism that adds to muscular strength.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Potassium acts as a vital component to maintain the normal blood pressure and further prevents the probabilities of heart diseases and hypertension and it is proven to be effective in lowering hypertension.

Mental health

Potassium is an excellent cure for people struggling with undesired mental states like stress and anxiety. It acts as an excellent stress reliever and assures effective mental functionality which is necessary for emotional well-being.

Heart Health

Potassium plays an irreplaceable part in making sure great health and functioning of heart .As the heart is a significant muscle which is constantly, rhythmically contracting, potassium is incredibly essential to proper heart functioning..

Kidney Functioning

Potassium assists kidneys to eliminate wastes and acts as an agent to prevent calcium from developing stones. Lesser the probability of kidney stones, higher the consumption of potassium-rich foods.

Fluid Balance

Potassium has substantial role in maintaining the desired water balance in body. It regulates body fluid levels and brings a homeostatic equilibrium and helps performing important body functions.

Nervous System

Potassium helps in enhancing the spirit of neural reflexes to transmit messages and keep sensory pathways and synapses healthy and distinct. Low level of potassium may cause hallucinations, confusion, and depression.

Bone Health

High potassium intake results in bone health by neutralizing chemicals in our body in order to preserve bone calcium thus increases bone mineral density. There is a positive connection between potassium and bone health especially in post-menopausal women, because it prevents osteoporosis

When there are low potassium levels, it brings about weakness, low energy levels, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeats, and stomach disturbances. This condition is called Hypokalemia which is often life threatening and really should regularly be treated by a doctor. Hence it is essential that our diet should be well balanced with this most critical mineral, potassium to lead a healthy life.

Horestail herb for healthy hair, skin and nails

Horsetail HerbSolaray: Horsetail 100ct 440mg

Horsetail is a herb that has previously been used as an active ingredient in many beauty products for the hair, skin or nails. This herb contains healing and rejuvenating properties that many people will find essential for the healthy growth of hair and nails. These properties in horsetail herb do also help maintain healthy skin.

Skin Health

The horsetail herb not only works wonders for the skin but it helps in treating wounds easily and faster. During the process of healing, the skin requires minerals that are present in this herb that help it to heal in the best possible way without the fear of it retaining a damaged look.

Silicic Acid

Aging of the skin is a result of degeneration of tissues. The horsetail herb is heavy mineral content in silicic acid and silicon helps in strengthening of tissues in the skin. This strengthening property helps to slow down the aging process, thereby making the herb work magnificently as an anti aging agent. Because of horsetail’s anti aging properties, a number of skin care product manufacturers use horsetail as a major ingredient in their products.

One of the most frustrating issues that most people have had to endure with is their weak hair that tends to break too much. For hair, horsetail can help strengthen hair follicles. With the increase in the strength of your hair, there is subsequent reduction in the breakage of your hair.

A number of people suffer with weak and soft nails that break and split far too often. Horsetail contains silica properties that make it easier for the body to reabsorb and retain calcium. Calcium is a mineral that helps promote healthy nails, bones and teeth. The horsetail therefore helps to promote the healthy and beautiful nails. It helps make your nails stronger and therefore less susceptible to breakage and splits that make your nails ugly. This herb helps to promote healthier looking and shiny hair.

Hair Skin Nails

Horsetail does not work wonders only on the skin, hair and nails. It is rich in mineral salts, potassium, silica that helps improve one’s calcium absorption. Silica is necessary in the body because it helps promote healthy tissues like bones and muscle in the body.

To gain the most out of horsetail, most people prefer to consume supplements that contain larger quantities of the horsetail in them. Other horsetail extract products that are available to the public include herb liquid extracts.

It has been proven through various researches that the addition of horsetail into one’s diet along with a balanced diet for added minerals and vitamins can promote healthy looking and strong hair, skin and nails. The herb’s extracts also promotes more than healthy hair, skin and nails. It also promotes strong teeth, bones and the connective tissues in the body for a wholesome healthy body system.

Before deciding to consume any horsetail extracts, it is also important for one to make consultations with a health expert like a nutritionist to find out where it is safe for one to consume the herb and what proportions.

Why Is Buffered Vitamin C Easier On The Stomach?

Buffered Vitamin C Vs Regular C

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is a chemical compound that is known for having a number of valuable health benefits. One of the benefits of vitamin C is that it strengthens gums and bones. It is also a known cure for skin problems and common cold and other afflictions. However, the acid content in vitamin C may be a bit irritating to the digestive systems for some people. Thus, some people may refrain from taking vitamin C in fear of the heartburn and acidity. However, there is a healthier alternative called buffered Vitamin C. Here is a look at its features.

What Is It?

Buffered Vitamin C is essentially an impure version of Vitamin C. In the buffered vitamin, the concentrated dose of Vitamin C is doused with other substances, which reduce its acidity to a great extent. Most of the ingredients in the buffering process include other chemicals like sodium, magnesium, and calcium and potassium ascorbate. When such chemicals are mixed with ascorbic acid, the acidic properties are diminished but the health benefits of vitamin C are greatly enriched. Thus, this is how Vitamin C is buffered and made suitable for adequate consumption without any side effects.

How Is It Easier On The Stomach?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body. It is water-soluble and needs to be taken regularly. However, the acidic content in the vitamin can cause some serious digestive problems. There could be acidity and there could be other problems like diarrhea. This is why buffered Vitamin C tablets and pills are recommended for those, who are sensitive to such problems. The diluted doses of Vitamin C will be healthier as they also contain good quantities of minerals like sodium and potassium. Thus, people can take a number of benefits without suffering from digestive ailments of Vitamin C.

Other Health Benefits

The buffers used in making Vitamin C buffered are themselves sources of nutrition. Here is a look at what the minerals can do for your body.Zinc- Zinc is a great source of nutrition for improving immune function for elderly people and enriching health of sexual organs in men.Magnesium- Magnesium helps in improving immunity against chronic problems and cures the problem of high blood pressure.Chromium- Recent studies have revealed that chromium has the ability to control glucose levels in the blood. Thus, it is a cure for Type 2 diabetes.

Where Is It Found?

Most of the sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits and vegetables. These include lemons, sweet limes, oranges, tangerines and other fruits. The sour taste of these fruits indicates that they contain concentrated amounts of Vitamin C. Thus, these may be associated inevitably with acidity. Thus, it would be best to find sources of buffered Vitamin C like carrots, beets, tomatoes and so on. These have ample amounts of minerals and nutrients other than Vitamin C. Thus, these provide diverse benefits and they do not have any side effects and adversities. Thus, these are the sources of good buffered Vitamin C.

Prevent Bone loss, Boost Energy And Nutrient Absorption With Potassium

What is Potassium Good for in the Body?

Potassium is an essential nutrient required in amounts adequate to sustain proper functioning of each individual cell. It is a quantity mineral that must be obtained from the diet in relatively larger amounts as opposed to trace minerals. It serves as a major electrolyte inside the human body, and its physiological roles are important to the production and utilization of energy at the cellular level. Deficiency is often characterized by a feeling of malaise.

Dietary minerals are chemical elements known for their nutritional value. Potassium is one of the quantity minerals in that it belongs to the group of elements that are very pervasive in almost all living organisms at a microscopic scale. A balanced diet that comprises vegetables and fruits is a good source of potassium whereas foods that contain high amounts of sodium deplete potassium levels.

Reduces Bone Turnover

The skeletal system is subject to constant metabolic activity throughout life. As the primary reserves of minerals, especially calcium, the human body remodels bones in order to meet the mineral needs of other body organs. At the same time, the body must be able to keep a healthy bone density.

Bone resorption is the process by which the body redistributes the mineral content of bones. Regular intake of potassium is necessary to keep bone resorption to a minimum. For that reason, this dietary element is often added to supplements commercially touted to increase bone mass.

Aids Nutrient Absorption

Malabsorption of nutrients has long been associated with low levels of potassium. As a quantity mineral, potassium facilitates better digestion and promotes effective absorption of compounds that display bioactive properties, such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, purines, and vitamins.

Medical professionals also recommend supplementation of potassium to help reverse malnutrition. In several cases of inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s diseases, in which nutrient absorption is impaired, doctors generally prescribe potassium supplements.

Promotes Circulatory Health

Excessive loss of potassium ultimately leads to metabolic disturbances, muscular paralysis, and cardiac arrhythmias. It has also been noted that the absence of potassium in the human diet for long periods of time results in progressive cardiovascular problems, notably high blood pressure.

Healthy concentrations of elemental potassium supplies tissues with solutions that contain electrically conductive potassium ions. These ions are necessary to maintain cell membrane potential, which in turn influences muscle contraction, heart function, and circulatory health.

Modulates Energy Production

Metabolism of bioactive compounds such as glucose largely depends on chemical reactions implicated in the larger process of cellular respiration. This process creates several compounds that are active at the cellular level and also yield chemical energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate.

It is not surprising that weakness often accompanies medical conditions tied to low levels of potassium. Exercise and inactivity both requires healthy levels of potassium as the presence of potassium ions in cell membranes translates into efficient energy expenditure.

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What is Bee Propolis and How Does it Boost Health?

Bee Propolis

Bee propolis is a resin found in beehives. It is collected by honey bees from the buds of trees and utilized to cover unwanted gaps in the hive. It is sticky in warm weather, but turns brittle at cold temperatures. It contains an abundance of bioactive compounds, especially amino acids. The nutritional profile of bee propolis depends on its plant sources and beehive location, but modern day beekeeping practices have contributed to its quality.

Honey bees make bee propolis for a myriad of reasons. Insects like bees have the ability to understand the functions of pollens and resins plants produce. Many different tree species, like conifers, release resinous gums to protect themselves from invasive pathogens and potential threats. In fact, the productions of resins are part of their complex defense mechanisms against pests.

Bee propolis acts in a similar way in protecting the beehive. For one, it plays an important role in the structural stability of the hive. It is very viscous to the extent of being unmanageable when removed from the hive with bare hands. It enables bees to easily seal alternate entrances and retreat into the compartments of the hive. More importantly, propolis contains the same organic compounds that protects trees from pathogenic microorganisms, the reason why it keeps the hive sterile amid decomposition of animal proteins when bees or other bugs die inside the beehive.

The Power Of Bee Propolis

Natural Antibiotic

People from all over the world have domesticated honey bees throughout the centuries, having learned about the health benefits of bee products quite early in human history. In the ancient world bee propolis were utilized as an antiseptic, with the ancient Egyptians using them as an ingredient in embalming their dead. It exerts its antibacterial effects on skin lesions and affects the rate of healing of open wounds. Since it is also anti-inflammatory, it has also been used to allay eczema, psoriasis, and related skin conditions. It remains a popular ointment in certain regions to this date.

Nutritional Value

In recent years, bee propolis has enjoyed much attention largely owing to its nutritional value. The recent resurgence of interest in natural food products has also contributed to its surge in popularity. It is even marketed outside the biggest markets, including South America and Southeast Asia. It is a good source of many vitamins and minerals. It has moderate amounts of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene and vitamin B complex, notably biotin. Its mineral content includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Antioxidant Profile

Bee propolis contains high concentrations of polyphenolic antioxidants. It is particularly rich in flavonoids, the most extensively studied of all groups of organic compounds that display antioxidant properties. Free radicals are natural by-products of oxygen metabolism that damage cells, and antioxidants scavenge radicals to prevent oxidative stress. The oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of bee propolis has been reported to be 500 times than that of citrus fruits, making it one of the best sources of antioxidants.

You too can reap the benefits that Bees offer by getting yourself a bottle of Bee propolis.


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