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What Does The Ayruvedic Herb Arjuna Do?

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Arjuna, botanically named as Terminalia Arjuna, is gaining popularity in the entire world as a treatment towards curing cadiovascular diseases and angina and it is mainly found in India. The bark of the arjuna tree comprises of various useful resources like calcium, magnesium which is been used in ayurvedic medicines since thousands of years.

The other benefits of Arjuna includes and does not limit to the following:

  • - It acts as a antioxidants.
  • - Helps to prevent ulcers and liver cancer.
  • - Cleans and repairs the blood cells.
  • - Improves better functioning of organs, tissues and muscles.
  • - Regulates the cholesterol levels.
  • - Reduces hypertensions, nervousness and other related problems.
  • - It prevents health problems like diarrhea, bleeding piles and urinary infections.
  • - If applied externally, it can help to heal wounds.
  • - Helps cure acne if used locally with honey.

– Helps to clear off toxins from the liver.

With regular consumption of Arjuna, you can lead a very healthy life.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Zinc?

Vitamins And MineralSolaray: Zinc-50 100ct 50mg

All types of minerals and vitamins usually are required in human bodies to perform different functions. Every mineral and vitamin performs a specific function that altogether assist people in having healthy bodies. Zinc is one such mineral that is required in our bodies to perform different functions. In this article we are going to look at the health benefits of zinc.

Health Benefits of Zinc

The following are the health benefits of zinc. They include;

*Treating Viral or Cold Infections

Zinc contains some properties that usually assist in fighting cold infections.

*Healing of Wounds

Zinc supplements can effectively be used to heal the erosion that normally arises from gastric ulcers.

*Aids in Cell Growth

Children who suffer from delayed growth are usually recommended to have zinc supplement in order to achieve proper growth and development.

Other health benefits of zinc include;

  • *Production of insulin
  • *Lowering blood pressure
  • *Restoring night vision

Last but not the least; despite the above mentioned health benefits that zinc never take vitamin supplements with medications with out speaking to your practitioner first.

Should I Take Acidophilus After Antibiotics?


Acidophilus is a bacteria mainly used in the preparation of yoghurt. It is rod shaped and mainly found in milk. It is responsible for creating an acidic environment wherever it is situated. Its full names are lactobacillus acidophilus. It thrives in pH level below 5 and naturally exists in vagina, mouth and the intestinal tracts of both animals and human beings. Most of the acidophilus are probiotic meaning that they are the useful kind of bacteria that aid the body in digestion. The bacterium is responsible for fermenting lactic acid within the body by acidifying the digestive tract in the fight against harmful agents. With high temperatures, too much moisture and sunlight exposure, the bacteria cannot survive.

Bacteria are cells and they exist in our bodies. The cells of bacteria and those in our bodies differ by their shells hence since antibiotics are meant to target bacteria; they seek out the cell of bacteria with their differential properties. The problem arises when it comes to differentiating the good and the bad bacteria.

Benefits of the acidophilus

  • digestion of food
  • absorption of minerals and vitamins
  • nourishment of the mucous membrane
  • Acidophilus treated illnesses
  • Problems of the digestive system

The bacteria help in clearing diarrhea especially in areas with contaminated water. The bacteria will protect you from contracting any illnesses.

Yeast infection

The friendly bacterium through the production of lactic acid terminates the yeast present in the vagina. Hence when antibiotics are taken, they end up killing the good bacteria along with the yeast leaving the vaginal area free. Therefore acidophilus should be present to ensure there is no recurrence of Candida albicans. The bacteria maintains the level of the candida albicans at per hence when bacteria is limited in supply, the pathogens multiply causing yeast infection. This is where the antibiotics come in by curing the infection. The level of acidophilus is to be restored hence you have to replace acidophilus levels back to normal.


The movement of the feces through the large intestines is aided by the acidophilus through hydration. The bacteria maintains the colon in good condition.

Acidophilus is responsible for supporting the immune system. When course of antibiotics are taken, the immune system is usually suppressed. The antibiotics have been proven to terminate the good bacteria. Hence after treatment, you could supplement your body by consuming yoghurt, pickles etc. that have a high content of acidophilus. There are also capsules that are consumed orally (highest form you can take) so when taken with the lactobacillus acidophilus present, the microbes within the intestines are balanced. This in exchange ensures the increased production of white blood cells and antibodies in the body. Some of the reducing characteristics of the bacteria go a long way in helping the immune system against antioxidant agents.

It is advisable not to take the acidophilus supplements during the time of antibiotic treatment. The antibiotics have to suppress the immune system while killing the bacteria hence taking the bacteria supplement will interfere with the treatment regime and confuse the immune system causing an auto immune response.

What Are The Health Benefits Of The Herb Bacopa?

What is the bacopa?

The bacopa or water hyssops as they are commonly referred to are natural ayurvedic herbs known for its great tranquilizing properties, memory enhancement, anti -allergy, anti depressant, anti anxiety  as well as a brain sharpener. It is similar to water lilies with absolutely no relations to hyssop plants. They have erect stems that are hairy at times smooth (depending on the species) and are perennials. Their flowers are normally white, purple or blue in color and their leaves when crushed have a lemon fragrance that is distinct. The best way to take full advantage of the bacopa herb is by taking it amidst other herbs and nutrients. This way its constituent ingredients are perfectly combined and the health benefits enhanced multiple times.

Below are some of the health benefits of the bacopa:

1) The herb has constituent nutrients that are very effective in dealing with symptoms of depression accordingly.

2) Supplements made using bacopa are able to help control or reduce stress and anxiety levels. This however can only happen when you take the herb regularly.

3) It is able to reduce amyloid deposits hence able to counter the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

4) The herb meets the cognitive function purpose. It therefore can improve your troubles with learning, memory lapses as well as concentration.  The simply has a remarkable ability to enhance the human memory acquisition and retention capacity.

5) Bacopa not only serves as an effective cancer prevention mechanism but also as a treatment in some cases.

6) The herb is able to serve as a perfect anti fungal. This means taking it is a guarantee that you are safe from Microsporum, Aspergillus Flavus, Aspergillus niger and Trichophyton rubum which are causative agents of ringworm, infection of the brain to produce aflatoxin, ear infections/lung disease and athlete’s foot respectively.

7) Taking the herb together with the bael fruit serves as an effective treatment for patients with severe diarrhea (which is usually associated with the irritable bowel syndrome).  This also applies for constipation cases.

8) The herb enhances the body’s antioxidants defense mechanism consequently increasing superoxide dismutase production within the cells.

9) It also makes sure that the structure and functional integrity of the mitochondria surrounding membranes are in perfect state considering the fact that a portion of the DNA of the cells can degenerate quickly.

10) Extracts from the herb are beneficial to the brain and are also able to cure irritable bowels as well as ulcers. What happens is that the constituent ingredients of the herb significantly reduce the allergy symptoms consequently improving the heart function. This obviously boosts the immune system and normally has slight anti aging activities.

11) The herb’s inflammatory activity is of great help in curing many diseases e.g. cancer and heart disease. Take note, it should not be considered or used as a nutritional supplement.

From the above list of benefits it is very clear that the health benefits of bacopa are quite considerable hence in case you should seriously consider trying to use this herb for the ultimate health improvement experience that will keep your body healthy all the time.

Can Elderberry Boost The Immune System?


Elderberry is a fruit-bearing shrub that is native to North America and Europe. It is medically known as Sambucus nigra .Most parts of this shrub including bark, leaves, flowers and berries have a long history of being used in traditional medicine.

Elderberry shrub grows to about 10 feet tall. In the early summer, it shows white and yellow blossoms which are followed by black or deep blue berries that normally ripen in September.

Research has been carried out in the last twenty years for the medicinal benefits of elderberry. Elderberry has been thought to have immune boosting and possible weight loss qualities.

Health benefits of elderberry:Boosts the immune system

Elderberry has proteins, micronutrients, vitamin A, vitamin B and substantial amounts of amino-acids as well as vitamin C. These vitamins and nutrients will boost your immune system and thus help you stay healthy and prevent diseases.

Since these nutrients are found in large quantities in the elderberry, medical researchers are studying the possibility of it being used as an alternative treatment of the HIV virus and cancer.

Can help in weight loss

According to an observational study, elderberry can help you lose weight by acting as a laxative. Individuals who took elderberry juice during the study not only lost some weight, but their physical and emotional state, and blood pressure improved.

However, these findings still need some more research to be confirmed.

Antioxidant benefits:

Elderberry is rich in natural compounds known as flavonoids which have antioxidant qualities. It also contains carotenoids and polyphenols. These compounds protect body cells from damage that is caused by free radicals .

The antioxidant action also delays the process of aging of the skin.

Elderberry has high contents of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as high concentrations of anthocyanin which improve vision by protecting you against macular degeneration caused by aging.

Lowers cholesterol levels

High levels of cholesterol contribute to the formation of plaques. Plaques cause the thickening of the arterial walls due to fat deposits, a condition known as atherosclerosis. This condition increases the risk of you suffering from coronary artery disease, stroke and even heart attacks.

Elderberry lowers cholesterol levels in blood and hence improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.Helps fight respiratory diseases

Elderberry contains bioflavonoids which attack the viruses that cause cold and flu. They also prevent these viruses from attacking your cells.

Bioflavonoids also have antibacterial properties which makes elderberry effective during treatment of bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and tonsillitis.

The fruits and flowers of the shrub have viburnic acid and tannin which can help to diminish the swelling of the mucous membrane and thus provide relief from nasal congestion and improve breathing.Other health benefits

Elderberry is used as a topical application in the treatment of wounds. It helps to lower the sugar levels of blood in diabetes and cures yeast infections. It has diuretic properties that help to get rid of the excess water in your body. Elderberry also has anti- inflammatory properties.

How D-mannose Can Help Fight Bacterial Infections Within The Bladder

D-Mannose And Bladder Infections

If you have been experiencing a variety of bladder problems such as painful sensations during urination or even at random times, you definitely need to get checked by a medical professional to avoid your condition from worsening. Cases of bladder and urinary tract infections are common, especially to the female populace. There are several factors that lead towards these ailments such as bacterial infection, unhealthy diet with an imbalanced intake of salty and sugary foods, as well as hereditary or congenital conditions that are passed along the family. On the brighter side of the story, infections on the bladder urinary tract are highly curable. One of the proven treatments would be D-mannose.

How Bladder Infections Occur

As we have mentioned earlier, there are different factors that cause infections in the bladder and urinary tract. One of the causes would be the E. Coli bacteria which actually live within the gut of virtually every human being. The female sex is more vulnerable to bacterial infection of it after doing sex. When birth control means are used for the diaphragm, women become overly susceptible. Due to the existence of a certain birth control medium on a woman’s diaphragm, the following occurs:

-There will always be remains of urine inside the bladder.

– The stagnant remains of urine will get infected easily

-Multiplication rates of the bacteria goes faster.

The same instances could also happen to pregnant women when their bladders turn out to be compressed because of the fetus’s growth, making them more prone to the infections.

D-mannose as a Bladder Infection Cure

D-mannose as you may know is actually a form of sugar that is present, but not highly abundant within the human body. It has a tough compound build, making 99 percent of it not metabolized throughout the system. With that kind of quality, it has the ability to do the following:

-Get through the bladder and urinary tract without having to change in form or reduce by all means.

-Push and carry out even the littlest bacteria located within the linings of the bladder and the urinary tract.

-Can thoroughly clean organ systems within the body for optimal functionality.

Where D-mannose Can Be Found

There are varieties of sources for D-mannose. It is an organically produced sugar within certain woods such as timber, fruits, as well as the human body, of course. It is believed that D-mannose is highly present in cranberry fruits, which can be pretty scarce in most places. However, if you want to make things a lot easier on your end, you can opt to buying D-mannose supplements that are extracted from healthy timber that are widely available in most markets. In addition to that, there are no reported side effects from this natural sugar compound, making it a fully safe and effective product to use for bladder treatment.

If you don’t want to go on with suffering from the excruciating pains you’ve been having with your bladder infections, it is always best to get medical help right away. Furthermore, if you seek for natural treatment, it is no question that D-mannose is definitely amongst the best solutions you could ever find.

Why Zinc is so important for Improving Overall health?

Zinc Mineral

Among several other healthy elements, zinc stands as a remarkable trace mineral which addresses most of the important functions of human body. Starting from controlling hair loss, providing clear skin, improving immunity, increasing sperm count up to protection from yeast infection, zinc performs a multipurpose role for human being. Apart from that, few studies have also showed that zinc enriched foods helped to improve the condition of children suffering from ADHD. Zinc is a very important trace mineral, without which several important enzymes of the body can’t initiate vital reactions. To support the various functions of human body, it is very important that one should understand the various health benefits offered by Zinc.

(a) Provides Protection from Yeast Infection (Helps to Improve Immunity)

• To reduce the risk of yeast infection, it is important that one should encourage his/her body’s own defensive mechanism. No wonder body’s immunity system plays an important role here. A person should try every possible ways to create a highly efficient immunity system. Protein is extremely important for boosting immunity. Zinc helps in protein synthesis, therefore helps to build a strong safeguard from yeast infection.

(b) Prevents Hair loss

• Zinc is a vital mineral for initiating cell re-growth, encouraging cell repair and keeping the hormone level balanced. Zinc helps human body to absorb important vitamins and utilize them better. These functions all together work favorably for a healthy hair growth.

(c) Offers Clear Skin

• Zinc offers the benefits of antioxidants as well. After several medical trials, it has become clear that zinc is an element which plays vital role in controlling the level of testosterone, which is one of the major contributors to skin problems like acne. Besides, zinc also helps to transport vitamin A from liver to the skin. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and works well for eradicating the problem of skin inflammation.

(d) Helps in Steady Recovery from Wounds

• Various enzymes present in the human body depend on zinc to encourage collagen synthesis. Therefore, this trace mineral is very important for quickening wound healing process too.

(e) Promotes Sperm Count

• A research published in ‘’Asian Journal of Andrology” in 2009 helped to realize the importance of zinc for sperm health. The study conducted on 458 subfertile men showed that the existing zinc level of the participants was directly involved with their sperm count. Researchers agree with the fact that zinc is important for the development of sperm cells.

(f) Helps to Keep Diabetes in Control

• A person can fight diabetes with the power of this valuable mineral. As discussed above, this trace mineral influences the functions of various enzymes. This mineral helps to metabolize blood sugar. So, it can be said that it has an important role in synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin. According to the various studies, by improving glycemic control, this mineral helps to mitigate the dangerous effects of diabetes.

Zinc is extremely important for helping the various enzymes of human body work better. Zinc deficiency evokes multiple health complications. That’s why medical experts suggest moderate consumption of zinc in the form of natural zinc supplements or through dietary sources.

Can Cranberry Defend The Bladder From Infection?



cranberries (Photo credit: Anne Davis)


Can drinking a glass of cranberry juice actually protect against urinary tract infections? It is said that that Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs can be prevented with the help of cranberries. No doubt, these berries are delicious and tart, but the question is, are they actually medicinally beneficial, especially to defend the urinary bladder from infections?

It is true that the claims that cranberries can defend the bladder from urinary tract infections, especially in women who frequently get UTIs, is backed by some science. However, for other groups of people, the extent of the benefits of cranberries is not exactly clear. Furthermore, there are no actual recommendations about how much cranberry juice people should drink to protect their bladder from UTIs. Following is a look on the opinion of health experts regarding the benefits of cranberries, especially for urinary tract health.

The science behind the claims that cranberries defend the bladder from infection

Scientists used to believe that cranberries made urine more acidic; making urine inhospitable to Escherichia coli (E. coli), bacteria that caused UTIs, thus protecting the bladder against UTIs. However, over the years, there has been a shift in this thinking.

It is now believed by researchers bacteria that cause UTIs are prevented from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract by substances contained in cranberries. There are a variety of theories of how cranberries exactly do this. It is shown by certain studies that the bacteria are changed by particular antioxidants contained in cranberries, which prevents them from sticking to the urinary tract. Another idea is that a slippery Teflon-like coating is created by cranberries on the walls of the urinary tract, so the E. coli bacteria are not able to get a good grip.

Is there any evidence that cranberries prevent UTIs?

The effects of cranberry products on UTIs have been analyzed by studies. Following is an overview of the benefit of cranberries, as far as UTIs are concerned:

The Benefits

It has been discovered by a couple of studies that UTIs can be prevented by taking cranberry pills or drinking cranberry juice, especially in women are prone to these infections.

– A study was conducted on women with a history of suffering from UTIs because of the E. coli bacteria. The risk of getting a UTI dropped down by 20% once those women started drinking 1.7 ounces of cranberry-lingonberry juice concentrate daily.

– In another study, patients started experiencing the least symptoms of UTI when they started taking cranberry tablets and drinking cranberry juice. In this study, a single tablet of concentrated cranberry was taken by sexually active women two times a day, and about 8 ounces of cranberry juice was consumed thrice a day for 12 months.

– In another study, the risk of having white blood cells and bacteria in urine was reduced in older adults when they started eating cranberry products.

Bottom line

Cranberry might not cure just about any urinary tract problem but it can sure help defend the bladder against infections. As long as drinking cranberry juice or using other cranberry products
does not aggravate other medical problems, interact with medicines or bother the stomach, drinking it is worth it.

Blessed Thistle and Its Benefits

Blessed Thistle

Nature offers an abundant source of herbal remedies thathave been used for thousands of years. Many medicinal plants have proven their worth numerous times in fighting certain conditions and illnesses. They have been highly recommended by herbal experts and are now being used by many health products due to its powerful and beneficial effects. This reading will discuss another rising herbal remedy that you may already have growing in your garden.


This annual plant is scientifically known as Cnicus benedictus. It is in the family of Asteraceae just like the flowering plants Sunflower, Aster and Daisy. Its other names are St. Benedictine’s thistle, holy thistle, spotted thistle,Cnici Benedicti Herba and the most common, Blessed thistle. It is a renowned medicinal herb but, it is not regarded as an edible plant due to its foul-tasting characteristic and bitterness. However, its highly bitter or astringent quality holds its great medicinal worth.

Plant Stats

The Blessed thistle is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, Africa, Asia and Europe. It can grow to a height of 60 centimeters while its leaves can grow as long as 30 centimeters with width of up to 8 centimeters. It produces yellow flowers with several spike-like bracts that bloom in the month of June. At this same time, the leaves and the tops are harvested to obtain its most potent medicinal value. Generally, the preparation of the plant’s herbal solution is administered by drying and storing the plant parts away from light, air and moisture.

During the 14thcentury, this plant has been used to combat the disease that had circulated Europe. It was applied as a treatment for the Bubonic plague, a sickness mainly caused by rodents and their fleas.

What are the helpful components of Blessed Thistle?

In the early ages, it was taken by monks as a tonic drink. Today, it is commonly applied as a topical remedy or as a tonic infusion.

The Blessed thistle is used for many health benefits.It has shown to contain tannins. These are organic compounds that are widely used in teas, fruit juices and wines. They are beneficial in treating diarrhea and are known to possess antioxidant properties that protect the body from cellular damage, heart disease and cancer. Furthermore, this plant is prominent for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties, thus, its efficacy as a digestive tonic remedy.

It also contains Cnicin, a substance that has been found to provide anti-tumor or anti-cancer effects. Its natural characteristic of bitterness encourages the secretion of saliva and digestive juices that result to its effective influence in increasing an individual’s appetite. Additionally, the same bitter-tasting quality makes the plant beneficial to the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.

It is utilized as treatment for various illnesses and disorders such as:
-Inadequate production of milk in lactating mothers
-Loss of appetite related to depression
-Cough, Colds and excessive mucus
-Inflammation, wounds, boils and ulcers
-Insufficient urine flow
-Bacterial infections

Although generally safe with no known side effects, the Blessed thistle may cause vomiting and stomach irritation when taken in very large doses. In addition, anyone allergic to plants in the family of Asteraceae should take precaution in taking this herbal treatment.

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Why is Vitamin C So Important for Good Health?

Vitamin C a Health Booster.

Vitamin C is an essential constituent of a healthy diet. It is the active form of ascorbic acid that influences growth and maintenance of healthy tissues in both children and adults. While its biological roles are quite pervasive at the cellular level, our body is not capable of producing it in amounts adequate to support normal physiological functions. Hence, consumptions of foods with significant levels of vitamin C and supplementation are the only sure way to meet the daily value for this nutrient.

L-ascorbate or L-ascorbic acid are used synonymously with vitamin C. High ascorbate levels in the blood have been linked to stronger immune system, the reason why it is often marketed to reduce the severity and duration of cold infections. In addition, it is a potent antioxidant that significantly raises cellular defenses against oxidative stress. Recent studies question the effects of supplementation, but vitamin C supplements have not been tied to any adverse effects, whether natural or synthetic.

Vitamin C and growth

Growth and Development

In human biology, vitamin C is almost always associated with collagen, which is a component of the majority of tissues that make up the human body. Collagen is found everywhere in connective tissues solely responsible for the upkeep of the skin, joint tissues, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, and intestines. The availability of vitamin C, or the lack of it, impacts the health of these tissues. One vitamin C deficiency is gout a connective tissue disease that is very painful.

The active forms of ascorbic acid are also indispensable in muscular and nervous systems. In addition to maintaining healthy collagen levels in the skeletal system, vitamin C helps create muscle tissues and provide nourishment for their continued growth. In the nervous system, it raises the levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, which promote mental well being and combat stress.

Healing and Immune Function

As you might have guessed by now, vitamin C is pivotal in the healing of all tissues. L-ascorbate is present in almost all cells at varying quantities. Tissues make use of ascorbic acid to speed up recuperation from physical activity or harmful effects of infections. This is one of the mechanisms by which vitamin C protects the body from exhaustion characteristic of stress.

Numerous studies have pointed out that high serum ascorbate levels boost immune responses to many known illnesses. For example, individuals infected with AIDS who consume healthy amounts of vitamin C have been noted to effectively ward off opportunistic diseases. In fact, vitamin C has been the subject of many researches looking into its medicinal potential against cancer.

Vitamin C a Powerful Antioxidant

Antioxidants and Detox

Ascorbic acid is one of the most reliable antioxidants. It is among the earliest chemical compound discovered to neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS), which is now believed to bring on the deleterious consequences of the process of aging. In biochemistry, ROS are a group of compounds and radicals known to cause damage to cells and tissues over time. Vitamin C is the best known antioxidant proven to detoxify free radicals and recycle other compounds identified to have antioxidant properties, such as tocopherols or vitamin E.

Vitamin C is an inexpensive and effective supplement to help one boost their health and wellness. If you do not consume vitamin C daily, your immune system and body may not be functioning at peak performance! Get some and take it daily!


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