Why Is Fish Oil A Good Anti-Inflammatory Supplement?


We all know that a healthy diet is the secret for a good health. However, do you know the right path to better nutrition and health? Other than keep or lose weight, a good diet will help you prevent diseases and possibly extend your life.

Each nutrient, vitamins and minerals have different properties and will act differently in your body, and some of them will help you take control over your heart health.

Benefits of fish oil

That is the case for Omega-3. For a reason that still is not known, fish oil, which is rich in omega-3, is very  good for the heart. The main benefits of the Omega-3 for the heart include the increase of HDL cholesterol (which is the good cholesterol), lower triglycerides while helping to reduce inflammation and high blood pressure. It also makes the blood thinner and less sticky, therefore, unlikely to clot. Hundreds of studies also suggest that Omega-3 provides benefits against a greater range of common diseases such as cancer, asthma and depression. Even though Omega-3 seems to be essential to our body, we are not capable of producing it ourselves.

Where do all these benefits come from?

The main benefits found on oily fish are the benefits related to Omega-3, which is abundant in fish oil. In general Omega-3 acts in your body, reducing overall inflammation and this is the key to many other benefits for your health. It has not been yet identified how the Omega-3 acts in our body and all its benefits.

Fish oil’s can be obtained by taking supplements or from eating fish. Some fish are richer in Omega-3 fatty acids such as sardines, tuna, trout, salmon and mackerel. When obtained by taking supplements it is likely to be combined with vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B3, calcium or Iron.

Fish oil effectiveness as anti-inflammatory supplement

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates the effectiveness on the following scale: effective, likely effective, possibly effective, possibly ineffective, ineffective and insufficient evidence to rate, and is based on the scientific evidences. In this scale the fish oil has been proven as effective for triglycerides reduction and likely effective for heart diseases.

On the range of possible effective, there are several diseases where the consumption of fish oil or Omega-3 can help reduce the use of pain medications such as no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. One of the diseases where the patient can benefit from the consumption of Omega-3 is rheumatoid arthritis. Other conditions, such as menstrual pain, or dysmenorrheal can also be improved by the consumption of fish oil, especially when combined with vitamin B12.

Safety concerns about fish oil

The main concerns about fish oil are related to the amount of consumption, which should not exceed 3 grams per day. This concern is related to the attribute of making the blood thinner. Especially when taken during pregnancy period. Another red flag about fish oil is related to its source. When obtained directly from fish it can be contaminated with mercury or other chemicals. When obtained by supplements contamination is not a concern.



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Benefits Of Belladonna

belladonnaWhat is a belladonna?

Belladonna also referred to as the deadly nightshade is a very poisonous plant species distributed throughout West Asia, Europe and the North America. It is a perennial plant with a stem growing to an approximate height of 2 meters. It is on the top of a branch with the rootstock containing several juicy roots. It also has a purple or brownish violet corolla shaped like a bell. The belladonna plant majorly blooms beginning of the month of June to September. It produces violet, black fruits that are juicy and shiny with a host of seeds. The berries of this plant are the ones, which are considered most poisonous.

Bad effects of belladonna

The berries are attractive and are a threat to children who may try to feed on them. It is a fact that a child might die if he or she consumes 5 Belladonna berries, while an adult might die if he or she takes about 10 to 20 berries. The belladonna is considered a weed species and can grow in any wooden area without any difficulty. This plant species is also toxic to give domestic animals like goats, while some like rabbits and cattle feed on it without any issue.

Allopathic uses of the belladonna plant

It is administered over the counter in small quantities to treat flu and cough. Eye experts also use this Belladonna drug in minimal amounts to dilate pupils.

Belladonna is usually mixed with other drugs to cure patients. For instance, it is often mixed with Donnatal, which is a prescription drug that gives peripheral anticholinergic action and a mild sedation. It has natural belladonna alkaloids mixed with phenobarbital.

The belladonna drug is also considered effective in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and the acute enterocolitis, and as an adjunctive therapy in the cure of duodenal ulcers. Nevertheless, no final trials have been done to prove it works for the treatment of irritable bowels.


Homeopathic applications of the Belladonna drug

Belladonna drug can be used to treat scarlet fever. It also cures a condition with an immediate onset. The kind of conditions treated by belladonna is same to those caused by the belladonna poison. For instance the poison results in fever, nausea, flushed skin, dilated pupils, delirium, muscle spasms and even sore throat. Hence, belladonna is used to treat such conditions.

Homeopathic belladonna also treats infections with inflammation, cold and flu signs, boils, earaches, labor pain, nosebleeds, restless sleep, tonsillitis, sunburn, acne, nephritis, pink eye and seizures.



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Health benefits of Bryonia Alba

What is a bryonia alba?

bryonia albaBryonia Alba is also called white bryony. It is native to Northern Iran and some parts of Europe. Bryonia Alba is one of the medicinal products that existed a long time ago. Its use as medicinal product can be traced to the 14the century, when it was used as a remedy of the then deadly disease – leprosy. Nowadays, it is used as a homeopathic remedy.

Health benefits of bryonia alba

Researchers have spent sleepless nights trying to come up with ways in which bryonia alba can be used for the benefit of human health. Their struggle has been successful, as they have identified different health complications that can be healed using Bryonia Alba. Bryonia Alba can be used to treat the following conditions

Bronia Alba is an effective pain reliever. Thus, it is used to alleviate pain in individuals suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, bone aches and muscle joints.

 It can be used to relieve dryness of the stomach and bowels, especially in individuals who complain of discomfort while relieving themselves.

It is also an effective remedy for flu and colds. Individuals with fever, dry throat and great thirst may are also advised to use the product.

It is used to relieve sore throat and dry coughs.

It is also essential in managing emotions, especially in individuals who are quitting than normal. These include individuals who feel they should be left alone.

Caution in using bryonia alba

Generally, the product is used as a remedy to several health complications. Caution should however be taken. It is recommended to avoid using the product before seeing a qualified medical practitioner. Misusing Bryonia Alba extracts are known to cause serious side effects and in some cases death. However, if used in the recommended way, a person will be sure to obtain assistance



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Histamine Fighting Herbs

mixed herbsHitamine

When you suffer an allergic reaction and you wonder why it happened I have only one word for you histamine. This nitrogenous compound is the chemical behind it all. It is produced by basophils and mast cells which are found in the connective tissue. Apart from causing the allergic reactions it is also a neural transmitter. Once it is produced it increases permeability of the capillary walls to leucocytes and other proteins enabling them to pursue the foreign pathogens. Its effects may at times extend to vasodilation which leads to low blood pressure which could be very dangerous. Luckily for us however nature has provided us with herbs that are very effective antihistamines. So let us look at some of them.

Herbs can be used as a histamine

The flowers of Chamomile will relieve you of swellings when you rub them against the affected part. This plant has properties that fight off the body’s natural production of histamines. It is even known to relieve lung congestion. Another herb that will relieve someone with respiratory problems is Echinacea which is quite largely used, on the other hand a person who is suffering from an allergic reaction that causes stomach cramps, gas or constipation will find relief in Basil. This age old antihistamine is also very good at dealing with wasp and bee stings as well as snake venom making it one of the best known antihistamine herbs.

Ginger is also another antihistamine that most people don’t know about its root soup is especially effective in dealing with hives. These are caused by increased permeability of the capillary walls caused by histamines. Stinging nettles are also good at dealing with hives which is quite ironic considering the fact that they will also cause you the same when they come into contact with your skin but all the same they work and they do it pretty well.

Finally Reishi is an amazing one as it kills histamines even before they start producing and that to me is simply amazing and incredible.

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Health Benefits of Guggul.

guggulWhat is a guggul

Guggul is also known as Commiphora wightii and grows as a tree or shrub in semi-arid regions, but it is native to North Africa and central Asia. Guggul is a very important source of medicine in India Ayurvedic that it has been classified has a scarce and endangered plant. It is popular for resinous sap that is obtained from its bark.

What are some of the health benefits of guggul?

Aid to lose weight

Guggul increases thyroid functions and thus improves body metabolism. It increases carbohydrates into triglycerides, improves digestion, while reducing cholesterol level in the body. In attempts to maintain body weight, guggul inhibits conversion of glucose to fat and increases fat oxidations. All these actions are tailored towards beating weight and keeping your body fit. Guggul has been used for centuries in treating obesity. In addition, guggul is an appetite suppressant and will help you to lose weight in a natural manner.

Treating pain and inflammation

Guggul is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Its effects on inflammations and pain have been widely studied and it is believed that it works at the genetic level to ease and treat pain and inflammation. It can be used to treat joints, muscles and other connective tissues.

Skin care

Used to treat allergic dermatitis and skin care. It has been found to support immune system and has been successfully used to treat allergic dermatitis. As a skin care product, guggul promotes lipid synthesis. It also boosts production of triglycerides in skin cells, this is important in fighting age signs such as wrinkles, fines line among others. It will leave your skin moisturized, rejuvenated and hydrated.

Antibacterial properties

Sesquiterpenoids found in guggul has antibacterial properties.

Guggul is a natural product without side effects. No doubt this is one of the best products that will increase your body metabolism to help you shed off extra pounds.


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nettle leafWhat is nettle leaf

Nettle leaf plants are plants with dark green and serrated leaves normally found growing on the banks of streams as well as other water bodies. The most common of these plants is the stinging nettle leaf known for its hairs that produce toxins and stings those that touch it.

Nettle leaf contents

This leaf has been discovered to have various medicinal values and hence it is dried and used in capsules, teas, tinctures and extracts. The leaves, for example, the stinging nettle leaves, are rich in nutrients such as vitamins; A, B1, B2 and B5, folates, iron , calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium. With such a rich content therefore, it is clear that the leaf has so much to offer.

Below are some of its benefits:

a) Reduces gall bladder infections.
Nettle tea has the ability to clear the body system, it reduces the amount of infections to the gall bladder and also to kidney stones.

b) Anti-inflammatory.
Nettle leaf also posses anti-inflammatory properties which assist reduce major inflammations such as the urinary tract, skin and arthritis or joint soreness.

c) Pain reliever.
Studies and Researchers proved that nettle leaves contains properties enabling to relieve the body pains such as the osteoarthritic pains when consumed or applied directly to the painful areas. It has the ability to interfere with the manner in which pain signals are transferred within the body.

d) Controlling hay fever.
It has been proved also that nettle has the possibility to control hay fevers in the body as well as certain body allergic responses. This is simply due to the fact that it reduces the body histamine amount thereby lowering allergies such as itching and sneezing.


The few examples above clearly indicated how important nettle leaf consumption is to ones body, but also being herbal, it can cause body laxity in case of too much use.

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The Devil’s Claw Root

What is a devil’s claw

devil's clawThe devil’s claw is a plant originated from the southern part of Africa. It has small hooks on its plant fruit and that is where its name originated from. The world’s major supplier of devil’s claw is Namibia although both South Africa and Botswana supply it is in smaller amounts. Devil’s claw has an active ingredient called harpagosides and is believed to be irdoid glycosides. This ingredient is found on the secondary root part of the plant.

Uses od devils claw

The plant has been in use in Africa for thousands of years in the treatment of rheumatic arthritis, fever, skin infections and other conditions affecting the pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys and also the stomach. It was introduced in Europe in 1900 and used for boosting digestion. This is achieved with the help of the bitter taste in its tea that stimulate the digestive juices. Currently, its primary use is in the treatment of conditions causing inflammation and pain (back, neck, tendinitis, rheumatic arthritis & osteoarthritis). On a larger sale, it is also used in the treatment of back, neck and shoulder muscle tension and pain.


Devil’s claw is administered in capsules, tincture and also in the form of tea. The capsule form is used for inflammation and pain while those with indigestion and appetite loss are given its tea. The tea is prepared by adding 1 tsp of chopped or powdered dry root to 2 cups of boiling water and left to boil for 20 minutes. The process is then followed by straining and finally cooling.

Side effects

Note that just like many other drugs, Devils claw can trigger some allergic reactions. Such include; stomach upsets, headaches, and tinnitus.


Caution should however be taken and that involves consulting a doctor especially if suffering from gallstones or diabetes. People with gastric ulcers as well as pregnant women should not use it. It can cause uterine contractions for the expectant mothers.

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The health benefits of Ginger

 ginger rootGinger and the health benefits

Ginger is  a herb that is commonly used as a spice and for its therapeutic properties. The  underground stem can be used fresh, dried, powdered, as juice or even as oil.  It is one of the ancient and most revered medicines of Asia and India. It has  an impact on excess inflammation and this enables it to combat a variety of diseases.  Usually, inflammation is part of the body’s natural response to injury or  illness and the redness, pain, heat and swelling are an attempt to keep you  from moving a damaged area in the course of repair.

As the  body heals, inflammation subsides. However in some conditions such as  arthritis, gallbladder, diverticulosis and heart diseases, inflammation doesn’t  go away. Instead, it becomes chronic leading to other serious problems. Ginger  is able to inhibit 2 important enzymes that causes inflammation-COX and LOX and  this causes it to treat chronic inflammation. Beside treating inflammation,  ginger is known to have many other benefits and these include:

Cold and  flu

The herb  is commonly prescribed in Chinese medicines as a remedy for colds and flu. It  acts as a decogestant and antihistamine and these two cold easing effects can  reduce the symptoms.

Nausea  and motion sickness

Ginger is  known to treat nausea and it is also effective for sea and motion sickness. It  can also be used to treat morning sickness in pregnant women.

Diabetes  complication

Studies  have shown that ginger may reduce the levels of urine proteins, decrease the  intake of water as well as urine input. It is therefore effective in reducing  reverse proteinuria, a kidney disease caused by too much protein in the blood.  Ginger can also protect nerves in low blood fat levels and diabetics.


For  patients suffering from arthritis, ginger has been noted to reduce pain and  loss of motion. Therefore, the root contains many health benefits.



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What Are The Health Benefits Of Black Currant Seed Oil?


Black CurrantBlack currant grows in Asia and Europe. For a long time, it has been in use as medicine and food. The astringent taste of black currant goes together with many dishes and beverages. Its berries and leaves are used as additives in alcoholic drinks. The main active property in black currant seed is the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This ingredient has properties that are useful in treatment of diverse medical conditions.

Gamma-linolenic acid

Gamma-linolenic acid is an omega-6 acid that is used to improve nerve functioning for diabetes patients, improve or maintain bone mass and appropriate calcium absorption, and relieve dry eye. It is also useful in preventing or in reduction of allergic reactions from allergic patients who generally lack this acid.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The black currant seed controls inflammation by assisting the body to develop a hormone known as prostaglandin. The hormone counteracts the inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. By decreasing the inflammatory cytokines, this acid in black currant seed oil may alleviate the painful symptoms of this particular disease like joint pain and morning stiffness.

Controlling of cardiovascular health

Even though there have been groundwork research on the benefits of gamma linolenic acid in cardiovascular health, it may prove to be helpful in lessening blood pressure. Clinical studies have showed that patients of peripheral artery condition improved from their conditions when they took both omega-3 fatty acid and gamma-linolenic acid. The properties of the black currant seed may further lessen cholesterol levels and platelets aggregation and also reduces the effects of menstrual cramps and breast pains. In addition, it has anti-clotting properties that prevent blood from clotting

Other important uses

Finally, the black currant seed oil has some anti aging properties. These properties decrease the signs of aging in the body tissues by thwarting the effects of worked up minds. The premature aging is prevented by reducing wrinkle formation and repair of damaged tissues. Omega-6 fatty acids can also be used in treatment of eczema, liver toxicity and the withdrawal signs of alcohol abuse. Black currant seed also has analgesic properties which helps reduce joint pains caused by rheumatitis and arthritis. Black currant seed oil can aid in restoring damages to the liver while alleviating stress to the nervous system.

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What You Need To Know About Systemic Inflammation

What is Systemic Inflammation?

weight lossThe result of release of pro-inflammatory from the cells which are immune related and the chronic activation of the immune system is known as Systemic Inflammation. It contributes for the development or progression of certain kinds of conditions. The causes of systemic inflammation are infections, obesity, environmental drugs, tobacco and toxins, autoimmune diseases and periodontal disease.

Symptoms Systemic Inflammation

Occurs when the whole body gives an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response is the defense mechanism of the body against damage and harmful agents. The excess bloods in the body helps to bring white blood cells and nutrient-laden fluids; it then further help to defeat the invasion heal the damage. The symptoms of systemic inflammation are symptoms of shock such as increased pulse rate, change in alertness and reduced blood pressure. In mild cases people suffering from systemic inflammation becomes lethargic and tired and in moderate cases there is a change in temperature.

Systemic inflammation can be reduced

By having right kinds of foods and supplements. Omega 3 fish oil is a natural and best way to reduce it from one’s body. It is present in fish like mackerel, tuna, hoki and salmon. It gets absorbed in the bodies and aids against the fight. One should also have a diet which is high in animal protein in order to reduce systemic inflammation from the body. The animal protein has high level of arachidonic acid which helps to increase the leukotrienes and prostaglandins supply. Garlic, ginger, bay leaf, rosemary, turmeric, thyme and black pepper are also used to reduce the symptoms of systemic inflammation. The antioxidants which are found in the spices help to control many causes of systemic inflammation. The spices help to lower the impact on one’s health and destroy the disease. The step to deal with systemic inflammation is to find and treat the cause of it. it requires to stop smoking, losing weight and improving the dental hygiene.

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