The Devil’s Claw Root

What is a devil’s claw

devil's clawThe devil’s claw is a plant originated from the southern part of Africa. It has small hooks on its plant fruit and that is where its name originated from. The world’s major supplier of devil’s claw is Namibia although both South Africa and Botswana supply it is in smaller amounts. Devil’s claw has an active ingredient called harpagosides and is believed to be irdoid glycosides. This ingredient is found on the secondary root part of the plant.

Uses od devils claw

The plant has been in use in Africa for thousands of years in the treatment of rheumatic arthritis, fever, skin infections and other conditions affecting the pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys and also the stomach. It was introduced in Europe in 1900 and used for boosting digestion. This is achieved with the help of the bitter taste in its tea that stimulate the digestive juices. Currently, its primary use is in the treatment of conditions causing inflammation and pain (back, neck, tendinitis, rheumatic arthritis & osteoarthritis). On a larger sale, it is also used in the treatment of back, neck and shoulder muscle tension and pain.


Devil’s claw is administered in capsules, tincture and also in the form of tea. The capsule form is used for inflammation and pain while those with indigestion and appetite loss are given its tea. The tea is prepared by adding 1 tsp of chopped or powdered dry root to 2 cups of boiling water and left to boil for 20 minutes. The process is then followed by straining and finally cooling.

Side effects

Note that just like many other drugs, Devils claw can trigger some allergic reactions. Such include; stomach upsets, headaches, and tinnitus.


Caution should however be taken and that involves consulting a doctor especially if suffering from gallstones or diabetes. People with gastric ulcers as well as pregnant women should not use it. It can cause uterine contractions for the expectant mothers.

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The health benefits of Ginger

 ginger rootGinger and the health benefits

Ginger is  a herb that is commonly used as a spice and for its therapeutic properties. The  underground stem can be used fresh, dried, powdered, as juice or even as oil.  It is one of the ancient and most revered medicines of Asia and India. It has  an impact on excess inflammation and this enables it to combat a variety of diseases.  Usually, inflammation is part of the body’s natural response to injury or  illness and the redness, pain, heat and swelling are an attempt to keep you  from moving a damaged area in the course of repair.

As the  body heals, inflammation subsides. However in some conditions such as  arthritis, gallbladder, diverticulosis and heart diseases, inflammation doesn’t  go away. Instead, it becomes chronic leading to other serious problems. Ginger  is able to inhibit 2 important enzymes that causes inflammation-COX and LOX and  this causes it to treat chronic inflammation. Beside treating inflammation,  ginger is known to have many other benefits and these include:

Cold and  flu

The herb  is commonly prescribed in Chinese medicines as a remedy for colds and flu. It  acts as a decogestant and antihistamine and these two cold easing effects can  reduce the symptoms.

Nausea  and motion sickness

Ginger is  known to treat nausea and it is also effective for sea and motion sickness. It  can also be used to treat morning sickness in pregnant women.

Diabetes  complication

Studies  have shown that ginger may reduce the levels of urine proteins, decrease the  intake of water as well as urine input. It is therefore effective in reducing  reverse proteinuria, a kidney disease caused by too much protein in the blood.  Ginger can also protect nerves in low blood fat levels and diabetics.


For  patients suffering from arthritis, ginger has been noted to reduce pain and  loss of motion. Therefore, the root contains many health benefits.



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What Are The Health Benefits Of Black Currant Seed Oil?


Black CurrantBlack currant grows in Asia and Europe. For a long time, it has been in use as medicine and food. The astringent taste of black currant goes together with many dishes and beverages. Its berries and leaves are used as additives in alcoholic drinks. The main active property in black currant seed is the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This ingredient has properties that are useful in treatment of diverse medical conditions.

Gamma-linolenic acid

Gamma-linolenic acid is an omega-6 acid that is used to improve nerve functioning for diabetes patients, improve or maintain bone mass and appropriate calcium absorption, and relieve dry eye. It is also useful in preventing or in reduction of allergic reactions from allergic patients who generally lack this acid.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The black currant seed controls inflammation by assisting the body to develop a hormone known as prostaglandin. The hormone counteracts the inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. By decreasing the inflammatory cytokines, this acid in black currant seed oil may alleviate the painful symptoms of this particular disease like joint pain and morning stiffness.

Controlling of cardiovascular health

Even though there have been groundwork research on the benefits of gamma linolenic acid in cardiovascular health, it may prove to be helpful in lessening blood pressure. Clinical studies have showed that patients of peripheral artery condition improved from their conditions when they took both omega-3 fatty acid and gamma-linolenic acid. The properties of the black currant seed may further lessen cholesterol levels and platelets aggregation and also reduces the effects of menstrual cramps and breast pains. In addition, it has anti-clotting properties that prevent blood from clotting

Other important uses

Finally, the black currant seed oil has some anti aging properties. These properties decrease the signs of aging in the body tissues by thwarting the effects of worked up minds. The premature aging is prevented by reducing wrinkle formation and repair of damaged tissues. Omega-6 fatty acids can also be used in treatment of eczema, liver toxicity and the withdrawal signs of alcohol abuse. Black currant seed also has analgesic properties which helps reduce joint pains caused by rheumatitis and arthritis. Black currant seed oil can aid in restoring damages to the liver while alleviating stress to the nervous system.

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What You Need To Know About Systemic Inflammation

What is Systemic Inflammation?

weight lossThe result of release of pro-inflammatory from the cells which are immune related and the chronic activation of the immune system is known as Systemic Inflammation. It contributes for the development or progression of certain kinds of conditions. The causes of systemic inflammation are infections, obesity, environmental drugs, tobacco and toxins, autoimmune diseases and periodontal disease.

Symptoms Systemic Inflammation

Occurs when the whole body gives an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response is the defense mechanism of the body against damage and harmful agents. The excess bloods in the body helps to bring white blood cells and nutrient-laden fluids; it then further help to defeat the invasion heal the damage. The symptoms of systemic inflammation are symptoms of shock such as increased pulse rate, change in alertness and reduced blood pressure. In mild cases people suffering from systemic inflammation becomes lethargic and tired and in moderate cases there is a change in temperature.

Systemic inflammation can be reduced

By having right kinds of foods and supplements. Omega 3 fish oil is a natural and best way to reduce it from one’s body. It is present in fish like mackerel, tuna, hoki and salmon. It gets absorbed in the bodies and aids against the fight. One should also have a diet which is high in animal protein in order to reduce systemic inflammation from the body. The animal protein has high level of arachidonic acid which helps to increase the leukotrienes and prostaglandins supply. Garlic, ginger, bay leaf, rosemary, turmeric, thyme and black pepper are also used to reduce the symptoms of systemic inflammation. The antioxidants which are found in the spices help to control many causes of systemic inflammation. The spices help to lower the impact on one’s health and destroy the disease. The step to deal with systemic inflammation is to find and treat the cause of it. it requires to stop smoking, losing weight and improving the dental hygiene.

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Health Benefits of Kelp

What is Kelp? 
kelp1Kelp is a certain type of algae or seaweed which is commonly eaten in many Asian countries like China and Japan. Kelp is mainly found in kelp forests within the shallow bodies of salty water. It’s considered to be a super food given the nutrients it has.

Kelp has many health benefits they include:

Vitamins Kelp has many vitamins especially vitamin B which is essential for the body’s cellular metabolism and it provides your body with great energy. It contains vitamins E and Vitamin C which are great antioxidants and they promote blood vessel health.

Kelp contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and boron which are necessary for building strong bones for your body and aids in normal muscle functioning.

Kelp just like many other seaweeds is quite rich in sodium-alginate which is effective in protecting your body from all radiation and also helps in removing it from the body. According to a study that was published in “Canadian Medical-Association-Journal,” sodium-alginate which is derived from kelp, normally reduced the radioactive strontium-absorption in the body’s intestines by between 50 percent and 80 percent. Sodium-alginate allows the calcium to be easily absorbed through the body’s intestinal walls while at the same time binding the strontium, which is then excreted from your body.

Kelp and Iodine

Kelp is also a natural source of Iodine which also helps in protecting the body against any radiation poisoning. Iodine is also of great importance to the thyroid, to the body’s immune system, and also in female hormone-regulation. Iodine is quite essential to your body’s healthy functioning of the thyroid glands. Kelp’s high-levels of iodine normally help in regulating the thyroid hormones. An iodine deficiency can lead to goiter, or to the swelling of the thyroid. Iodine is the key element that is used to synthesize the thyroid-hormones thyroxine and the triiodothyronine.

Kelp serves as an anti-inflammatory supplement for the body. It contains fucoidan, which is a complex carbohydrate which is a great anti



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Is Curcumin the Spice That Fights Inflammation?

What is Curcumin

CurcuminCurcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric spices which gives them the yellow colour. It has bee used for ages to add that special pizzazz to all curry dishes. Research has found something new about it, it can now treat tendon disease like tendinitis. Tendinitis refers to any irritation or inflammation of the fibrous cords which attach all muscles to bones. This results into tenderness and pain outside a joint. The research conducted by Ludwig Maximilians University and the University of Nottingham has show that curcumin has some positive effects on the mechanism that cause the inflammation and pain thus curing tendinitis.

How Curcumin Helps

Curcumin works by inhibiting the synthesizes of the enzymes that cause inflammation especially 5-lipooxygenase (5-LOX) and the cyclooxygenase-2(COX2) enzymes. These enzymes inhibit the production of the prostaglandins chemical which will then cause the swelling and the pain.Even the powerful NF-kB protein secretion that triggers abnormal inflammatory responses is shut down. It also acts by increasing the rate with which any traces of this protein in the body are cleared.This protein is the master regulator of the immune system and when activated it will trigger inflammation process. Curcumin has some powerful antioxidant properties that prevent the launch of all other proteins that trigger pain and swelling . This makes it good for providing a natural safe pain relief. This antioxidant property makes it able to treat even cancer. The side effects are lower when compared to other remedies.

How to Use Curcumin

Use of curcumin is safe when used as recommended by the doctor. If you take high dosages of curcumin over a long period of time it can cause stomach upsets or even ulcers. You only need to take 2 grams of turmeric per day. For the best results, make sure that you buy turmeric extract that contains more than 95% of curcuminoids, free of fillers and additives, and has been manufactured by a certified manufacturer.



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Can Cramp Bark Could Help Relax and Support Feminine Issues?

Women on PMS

Every month some women expecramp barkrience the pain of menstrual cramps and other menstrual pain issues, while there are pain relievers and over-the counter medications provided it does not mean that they are safe to 5 use or that they do not have side effects. Not only that women have been known to use this traditional herb to reduce the pain during pregnancy caused by muscle spasms. Some would even attest to the effectiveness of the cramp bark in solving urinary tract conditions that will also include pain and spasms.

What are the other uses of the cramp bark?

How does it work?

The plant has natural properties that work as a relaxant, a diuretic, an astringent, a sedative as well as anti-spasmodic. The cramp bark can be taken as a prevention method, it can be used 1-2 days before the start of

the menstruation but can also be taken as needed. Women can benefit from the cramp bark in so many ways because it is also a uterine decongestant. This means that it can reduce the chances of bloating, cramping before menstruation and it can also reduce the chances of delayed menstruation. Aside from treating the symptoms of menstrual cramps, it can also be used to solve urinary tract infections as well as bladder infections. It can reduce the chances of  experiencing painful urination and can decrease the urge of urination.

How to prepare the plant:

The cramp bark can work well with an alcohol extract or a tincture, it can be prepared with a small amount of glycerin and astringency in
order to make it even more effective. The berries of the cramp bark is very sweet and some individuals have also tried cooking it into jam.


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Boost Vitality And Energy With Antler Velvet

antlerWhat is velvet antler

Researches show that this supplement has 390 vitamins and minerals that can enhance most bodily ailment. Velvet antler is basically pre calcified cartilaginous substance that is found around the antler of a deer.

Therapeutic benefits of antler

With nearly four hundred minerals and vitamins, most of them are good in treating health ailments. Chondroitin, collagen, selenium, iron, polysaccharides, calcium, glucosamine, phosphorus, potassium and essential amino acids are some of the minerals and vitamins found in velvet antler. All these minerals and vitamins boost the body’s vitality as well as stamina. Antler velvet is one of the most
trusted supplements. Even though in the internet you will find good reviews regarding many supplements, reviews on velvet antler stand out.

If you supplement your workout sessions with deer antler velvet, you will be able to get maximum benefits from both deer velvet spray. In addition, nutritional elements that are found in antler extract have been proven in strengthening immune performance. These are some of the things you need to know regarding antler velvet in boosting vitality and energy.





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Bromelain Effectively Reduces Inflammation in the Body

Bromelain in pineapple

Bromelain is commonly found in pineapples from the stem to the juicy flesh. The natural enzyme extract is used for numerous medicinal purposes due to its anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting capabilities. Studies show that natives of South America have been using pineapple for centuries to fight inflammation and treat indigestion. Research is continuing to unveil the full potential of the enzyme apart from treating hay fever, ulcers, slowing clotting, shortening labor, helping in weight loss, and preventing pulmonary edema.

Supplements of the enzyme are today being used as a control measure for arthritis. Due to the little research done on the effects of the substance, most conclusions rely on the results shown by users of bromelain. The enzyme is thought to release an anti-inflammatory substance that helps to restore damaged cartilage and reduce destruction of tissues in osteoarthritis patients. For maximum effect, the users have to combine it with trypsin protein and rutin from buckwheat. Patients have reported reduced pain and improved joint functioning after using the supplement regularly. (continue reading…)

MSM – Supplement for Arthritis

The results of research studies done on animals lend support to the potency of Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM to ease the pain of arthritis. These animal studies involved administering MSM to mice with lupus nephritis and observing the effects of the drug. Methylsulfonylmethane relieved symptoms which are similar to rheumatoid arthritis. There are also two placebo-controlled, double-blind studies on humans that have indicated that MSM can truly cure osteoarthritis. Studies also show that there are no side effects when people use MSM for relatively a short period such as a year.

What are the sources of MSM?

As stated earlier, MSM has been marketed for pain and inflammation which are associated with: gout, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid and rheumatoid arthritis. The supplement also claims to help to reduce constipation, snoring and allergies. (continue reading…)


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